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News is a piece of information that is not known earlier and always unique. In day today conversation, people say that NEWS full form is “north, east, west, and south”. It covers information across the globe from all directions. Any happening in the surroundings and the latest things covered here. Nothing can be get hidden from it. In day to day life, everyone wants to be updated so they first switch on the television, radio or mobile for listening to the news. Some people love to read the newspaper to gather information regarding the happenings and current affairs. News channels play a vital role in providing the correct information.

As in this fast life, people have to rush to their workplaces, colleges, and schools in the morning. Nobody has time to sit and watch television for news. At this juncture, the internet is playing a vital role. One can read and listen to the news online. There are many news channels in the USA to keep the people updated and aware of their surroundings and happenings.

Top News Channels Of USA                               

FOX News 

It is a leading basic cable and satellite news channel in the United States. Moreover, it is controlled by Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. It always provides news on facts not on the basis of fiction. According to survey, it is the news channel which does not give fake news and that’s why it is admired by the citizen of the US. Furthermore, it is a fair, balanced, most trusted and most-watched news channel of the US.


 It is the second-largest cable news channel watched in the US. MSNBC was a merger of Microsoft and NBC in 1996. It is the most read and second most-watched station for news in the world also apart from the US. It always provides in-depth news analysis and political commentary from NBC News on current events. You can read the news also on the MSNBC.com website.

RT News

RT News is a more progressive news channel than MSNBC. Moreover, it is the first Russian English language news channel that conveys the Russian view on world news. In America, RT America broadcasts the news which is a part of RT News. Beyond the mainstream, it telecast the news, articles, videos, and interview and talk show. Its headquarter is based in Moscow Russia

CNN News Channel

CNN stands for Cable News Network.  Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner owns this new channel. It is one of the best basic cable and satellite television channels which cover wide arrays of events both in the United States or elsewhere. It is one of the honest and great news channels with transparency who reveals truth.


American Broadcasting Company is the full form of ABC news. It is operated by The Walt Disney Corporation. It always brings you the breaking news coverage and the live streaming video on the latest happening. This is one of the best news sites for a minute news report. It always provides a balanced presentation of news. They always telecast news clips of current top stories.

One America News (OAN)

It was launched by Herring Networks, Inc. and initially, its main aim was to focus and target a conservative and center-right audience. It always telecast honest and to the point news. It provides actual facts of American politics. It telecast news without interpretation or commentary at state, national or the international level.


In the US people love sports.  To get up to date about the sports news, match coverage, highlights, commentary, and the scores for all types of sports tournaments, people love to watch ESPN News. It is a digital cable and satellite TV network. Besides this, it is operated by ESPN INC which is a joint venture between the Disney Media Networks division of Walt Disney and the Hearst Communication. It always telecast the short introduction before getting into the hourly news. It always covers popular sports happenings in the US.

USA Today News 

This news channel is owned by USA Today Network. It always telecast the breaking news headlines today, important international news and interesting stories. It always focuses on inclusiveness rather than depth. News are well researched before telecasting on this news channel. It is a part of the USA Today newspaper. Beside this, you can also subscribe it on Kindle.

BBC America News

This news channel is an American pay network that is jointly owned by BBC Studios and BBC America. It broadcast detailed reports on the major international and US news today. , It focuses on quality news and what is going on in the world right now.

Apart from the above-mentioned news channels, there are many news channels that telecast the news in the US and watched by everyone. Some of them are AI Jazeera, HLN, TMZ Celebrity News, PBS News Hour, Fox Business Network, CBS News and many more.  News enhances the knowledge and brings out focus on happenings and surroundings. All the news channels can be watched on television, laptop, mobile, and tablet.


News is a knowledge gathering source of the current event, past event, and event which are going to happen soon. It is a source from where one can get awareness about society, sports, games, entertainment, business, Sensex, and the local area.  Apart from this it also helps in enhancing the knowledge of different areas and vocabulary. There are eight news values that determine the worth of particular news and those are “impact, human interest, currency, timeliness, proximity, prominence, odd and conflict”. These mentioned values make the news great.


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