Airbnb - Unique Way Of Online Accommodation

Planning for the trip but confused about the accommodation then you need to go for Airbnb. If you have a big house and you are living alone, want to earn money with the house then opt Airbnb. Become a host and earn money without investing a single penny. It is an online marketplace that lets people rent out their houses to guests. Its full form is Air bed and breakfast. For every booking from hosts, it takes 3 percent commission and from guests It charges between 6 percent to 12 percent. It is a great value to money for every traveler and apart from this staying in Airbnb accommodation will feel like home. To get unforgettable travel experiences avail Airbnb. Since 2008 it has totally changed the way one finds the places to stay

Requirements To Book On Airbnb

To book on Airbnb, a guest has to provide information as asked so that the reservation can be done. Apart from this, it also helps a host to know about the guest. Following are the requirements to be provided by the guests are

  • Full Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Mobile Number and phone number
  • Introductory message
  • Check and sign an agreement to house rules
  • Payment information 
  • ID proof

Benefits Of Being Host ON Airbnb

  • Earn money rent your part of the house without investing any money.
  • You can rent your place according to your suitable timing. If you are not available in the city that you can block the dates. Besides this you can decide about the stay days and nights of a guest. In simple words, it is totally upon you to host whenever you want.
  • You have all the right to select the price and also you can customize for the price for such as special prices for specific times of the year, cleaning fees and weekly discounts.
  • You have all the rights to set rules if the guest is not good or break any rules you have all the rights to cancel the reservation.
  • Always sync your calendar with the Airbnb calendar to avoid getting booked when you cannot be a host or you have any existing reservation.

Safety Tips For Airbnb Guests OF Places To Stay

If you are planning for the trip and concerned about the safety please go through the points to travel with confidence

  • Always go to that place which you like. Search filters for home type, amenities, and price. Always read the host’s profile and listing description thoroughly paying special concentration to the facilities, the cancellation policy and the house rules.
  • Before booking any place please go through the ratings and reviews of that place. As the reviews always help to find the right place that suits you.
  • Always go through the safety features of the house for which you are going to live.
  • It is always safe to keep yourself, payment and personal information protected by staying on a secure platform throughout the entire process. Always talk and pay on Airbnb.
  • It is always a good idea to research on your destination, contact the local embassy in case of any special requirements and travel warnings.

Latest News - Airbnb

  • By the end of 2019, Airbnb will reach $2 billion in tourism and occupancy taxes remitted as told by Airbnb
  • Hillsborough County Commissioner issues fines for nightly Airbnb rentals
  • Apartment landlords are the new hoteliers in the Airbnb era
  • For wonderful winter holiday, experience Igloo Airbnb at Finland

Frequently Asked Queries By Airbnb

  • How can I book a place on Airbnb?
  • What happens when my host cancels a reservation?
  • Is there a process to change the payment method?
  • What is the process to get a refund on Airbnb?
  • Who can Host on Airbnb?
  • Rules and regulations for becoming a host
  • Want to know about Airbnb for work?
  • How can I identify a reservation as a business trip?
  • What is the process to add a guest or business address to the receipt?

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Have Any Queries? Just Get in Touch with Support Staff

Do you have any query regarding Airbnb? The chat service remains active round the clock. A few common queries raised by guests are-

  • Rebooking assistance
  • Refunds
  • Reimbursements
  • Host Guarantee and insurance claims
  • Mediation

Connecting with Airbnb Customer Service through Chat

Live chat option is always open for users who want to get their queries resolved. Before connecting to chat representatives be clear of what problem do you have, and how do you want to get it resolved. This will help you put your concerns more clearly in-front of customer care representatives, also they will take less time to understand and fix your issues. In case you find chatting inconvenient, then you can prefer calling their phone number. Any issue regarding refund, return, product delivery, missing item, or unsatisfied services will be fixed here.

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