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It is stated as a free web-based email service and is a division of Verizon services. Around 1997, AOL Email was said to be the largest email provider in the world with 9 million subscribers. It used for only working on internet explorer but later it used java version which was compatible with the Netscape navigator. For users, AOL login is easily possible from all devices whether you are using your iPhone, tablet or an Android smartphone. The service was later remained AOL mail on the web in around December 1999. In January 2001, an email alert service was launched which was especially for text-based digital cellphones and pagers.

In around 2004, a new free webmail service for the public was tested without customers subscribing to AOL. This was done for the comparison from, yahoo mail, and Gmail. The service was launched in May 2005 under the name AIM Mail with having a capacity of 2 gigabytes of mail storage and tightly integrated with AOL instant messenger. The mail service is based on technology from mail blocks. Incase of AOL Not Working then you can easily engage with their customer care representative about this. AOL achieved this service in 2004. For broadcast users, AOL became completely free of charge for broadband users. During the same time, Netscape mail was migrated to AIM Mail.

Frequently Asked Questions On AOL Mail By Users :

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What Are The Benefits Of AOL Mail Services? 

AOL mail services have various benefits that are mentioned below. The benefits are many such as mail service, protection from threats with huge storage capacity. AOL Mail Login is not that difficult and users can easily access their account without others support. In case they are unable to utilize the service then engage with some technical person regarding this.  The AOL mail service is in huge demand and many users are taking initiative in creating AOL accounts.

AOL Jobs

AOL assists in searching for jobs and get resources to help to handle career transitions. Users can look for AOL jobs and take their complete benefit and quality of jobs received.

Photobucket by AOL - 13GB

AOL has a massive storage capacity up to 13GB photo storage additionally with special print offers. It is best to store so many pics and the interesting thing it doesn’t get overloaded and buffering. Video storage and picture storage or heavy files all can be stored in the photo bucket.


The AOL app loads the mail fast and provide headlines and trending videos that AOL users can see on their favorite smartphone or tablet. 

AOL Shield

AOL provides a shield to browser protection with advanced security features to assist in protecting your information. Freely do your shopping, banking, socializing online. AOL users don’t have to worry about online threats.

AOL Desktop Software

AOL provides mail, browsing, search, instant messaging, and dial-up connectivity.

Assist By AOL Free Scan

It assists in detecting viruses, errors and setting issues which might slow down your computer with a rapid free PC scan.

AOL Mail

The AOL mail service is free to everyone. It is the best one-stop for communication which includes world-class spam and virus protection.

AOL Mobile

Just select the mobile device that you have and a list of apps and sites appear.

Let’s Discuss The Features Of AOL Mail:

  • Ads are usually displayed as you are working with the email account. The embedded links are disabled automatically. They are only activated by the email user.
  • AOL is a spam protector. It also protects from viruses and spells checking.
  • AOL has a feature of Email un-send capability.
  • The email attachment limit is about 25 MB
  • The size of the mailbox is around 1000 new messages, 4000 old messages and around 4000 sent messages per screen name.
  • Another feature is that it supports protocols such as POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.
  • It can be linked to other email accounts from one service provider. It could be Gmail or Hotmail.
  • AOL Email also supports SL/HTTPS after login.

Note: In case, your email account is not active within ninety days, it will become deactivated. At this point, emails sent may not be delivered which is returned to the sender. After 180 days, the account gets deleted. In case, your  AOL mail not working on iPhone, then immediately search online what your issue is. It’s not that complicated that one can’t solve such simple issues. For complex issues, it would be advisable to contact their team members.

We have mentioned all the relevant information that is advisable and somewhere beneficial for all AOL users. Users must visit the AOL Mail Login Site and get the benefit of their mail services. If your  AOL mail Not Working, then visit the site again and see if there is still a technical issue. If there resist a technical issue then immediately take help from the AOL exerts. They will troubleshoot your query on this.

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