AutoZone-Retailer of Automotive Parts and accessories

An American retailer of aftermarket automotive parts, and accessories, Autozone has more than 6000 stores all over the world in different countries like the USA, Brazil, Mexico.  Autozone has long experience of more than 35 years in the industry, therefore able to deliver the best consumer services owing to its world-class services. With an attitude to always go extra miles, and touch the skies in the market Autozone has continuously been making a diverting impact into the marketplace.

As a leading retailer & distributor of automotive replacement accessories in USA, Autozone is continuously meeting growing in the marketplace.

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Autozone Offerings-Major Categories

  • Auto Parts
  • Interior Accessories
  • Exterior Accessories
  • Truck and Towing
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Fluids and Chemicals
  • Performance products
  • Repair Help

Either you are in search of repair help from professionals, or you want to search for a repair shop, Autozone is the best platform to let you find out the right solution to your problems. In search of Repair help, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose from the following categories- Vehicle repair guides, video library, troubleshooting, component locations, specifications, Loan-A-Tool, How-to information, find a repair shop, etc.

How Autozone is beneficial For Today's Life of Rush?

Suppose you are out of the station with your four-wheeler, and it needs some repair on an urgent basis. At that time what will be your first wish regarding this? How easy it will be for you to tackle the situation when you are able to track the nearest Repair shop, or a professional mechanic to repair your Car. Obviously, it will be a great deal for you. At Autozone repair shop, you can easily find a trusted shop at the nearest location. With the smart Autozone repair shop module, you have options to categorize and refine the search based on different values like Worry-Free warranty, Certifications & Affiliations, Services offered, languages spoken, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Autozone


Can I Get used Parts from Autozone?

Answer: Yes, Autozone provides you the opportunity to purchase aftermarket repair parts. But, customers willing to purchase these parts, should have deep product and market knowledge in order to make their purchase a worth.


Can I Get Autorikshaw in Autozone?

Answer: Yes!

Question 3: Does Autozone provide free diagnostics?


Yes, Autozone provides free vehicle diagnostics. You need not purchase the part which you don't need. Autozone tests battery, starter, voltage regulator, starter and other parts for their proper working.

Question 4: How Can One Contact Autozone Corporate Office?

Answer:  One can easily contact Autozone Corporate Office just calling Autozone Customer Service Number.

Connecting Autozone Support via Phone Call

In case of any query or confusion, there is a provision to contact Autozone professionals by sending queries through mail. From there, the user is supposed to get a mail revert or a call back from the official authority as a reply. There are a few situations where users face a few technical issues, to get out of such problems on an immediate basis, there is provision of phone call support. Here expert representatives are ready to solve each & every problem in a very efficient manner.

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