Bank Of America And its Operations

Bank of America is an American multinational company known for its investment bank and financial services. The company was founded in San Francisco, California. The bank was formed through a national bank’s acquisition in the United States in 1998. It is claimed to be the second-largest banking institution in the united states. The primary services of the bank are commercial banking, wealth management, and investment banking. To know more about the bank or its branch look for the Bank of America Near Me. One branch of the history stretches back to the bank of Italy founded by Amadeo Pietro Giannini in 1904 and offered Italian immigrants various banking options. The bank is headquartered in San Francisco, California, united states.

The commercial banking has around 46 million consumer and small banking relationships at 4600 banking centers and 15900 automated teller machines. According to the reports, Bank of America was the 13th largest company in the world. In 2018, Bank of America has got accreditation among fortune 500 companies based on total revenue. People can look for their online amenities. Customers can easily take Bank Of America Online services by engaging with their representatives.  

Let’s Discuss Operations Of Bank Of America

Bank of America gets 90% of its revenues for its domestic market. The core of the bank is to be the number one bank in its domestic market as per their strategies. The bank has achieved through key acquisitions. The bank has various operations that they have to offer. For any information or update, customers can easily engage the Bank Of America  Customer Care.

Consumer Banking

Consumer banking is the largest division in the company providing financial services to consumers and small businesses including investments, banking, and lending products including business loans, credit cards, and mortgages. The company’s revenue comes from the interest income, fees, and service charges. The consumer banking has 4600 retail financial centers and 15900 ATM machines. Most of the people might not be aware of the fact that it is a member of the Global ATM Alliance that was said to the several major international banks’ joint venture. Bank of America Credit Card facility is available to the customers under the consumer banking services. As you receive your banking access, you can visit the Bank Of America Portal for net banking services. It provides reduced fees for several consumers using their ATM card or check card at another bank when traveling internationally.

Global Banking

The global banking division offers banking services of investment banking and lending products to businesses. It also includes the business of global investment banking, global commercial banking, global corporate banking and business banking. In 2016, the global banking division represented 22% of the companies revenue. The investment of the bank operates in the influence of the Merrill Lynch subsidiary. Moreover, it offers mergers, capital markets, acquisitions advisory, and underwriting. The Bank Of America Locations are not only  The strongest group include syndicated loans, leveraged finance, and mortgage-backed securities. In fact, it has the largest research teams and bank of America Merrill Lynch is headquartered in the new york city.

Global Wealth and Investment Management (GWIM )

GWIM division is into investment assets of institutions and individuals. The business of Merrill lynch global wealth management and US trust is approximately 21% of the company’s total revenue. The division is among the 10 largest U.S. wealth managers. The division has five primary lines of business which are premier banking and investments, the private bank, family wealth advisors and the bank of America specialist.

Global Markets

The Global Markets division provides amenities to institutional clients, including trading in financial securities. It even offers other services such as market makers and risk management. In 2016, the global markets division achieved 19% of the company’s total revenues.


On April 9, 2019, the company introduced minimum wages to $17 for an hour until it reaches a goal of $20 and an hour. This is the target which will be archived in 2020.


The Bank of America’s main executive offices is situated in the Bank of America Corporate Center, Charlotte, North Carolina. The skyscraper is situated at 100 North Tryon Street and stands at 871 ft (265 m), which completed in 1992.

International Offices

The bank’s global corporate and investment banking has its European headquarters in Dublin, U.S. headquarters in New York, and Asian headquarters in hong kong and Singapore. Its international office will increase and will the whole of Asia soon. They bank policies are very clear which helps an individual to analyze. For Bank Of America Open Account,theprocedure is very simple by visiting its nearby branch. 

Bank Of Americas Charitable Efforts

These were the divisions and the operations that the outlet of the bank has to offer its consumers. It also depicts the financial growth of the particular divisions of the bank. The bank was also known for its charitable efforts which were done in 2007. In 2007, the bank offered employees a $3000 rebate especially for the purchase of hybrid vehicles. The company also provided a $ 1000 rebate or a lower interest for customers whose homes qualified as energy efficient. In 2007, Bank Of America became a partner with a brighter planet to offer an eco-friendly credit card than a debit card which assists in building renewable energy projects with each purchase. In 2010, the bank completed its construction of one center of the bank of America in charlotte center city. Bank of America has donated money to help health centers in Massachusetts. It had made a $ one million to help homeless shelters in Miami. This took place in 2007 and people were very happy for their honorable cause.

The bank had a major influence on the people of the united states. The bank’s various divisions had a great impact on increasing the growth of the company. We have described all the possibilities that customers look for in a bank. Type Bank Of America Near Me and engage with the representative if an individual is facing an issue or want any update on some division or policy.

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