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ESPN has a full form which means international and sports programming networks. It is a reputed American cable sports channel that is owned by ESPN. The channel is owned jointly by the Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications. The American company was founded in 1979 and the founder of the sports channel was Rasmussen, Ed Egan, and Scott Rasmussen. ESPN broadcasts mainly from studio facilities located in Bristol Connecticut. The network also operates offices in Miami, new york city, Los Angeles, Seattle and charlotte. The company is progressing rapidly and even today the users are take interest in our services. People love to watch especially ESPN Cricket live which is the most happening. This is a great opportunity for an individual if they were looking for such services.

Espn was established on September 7, 1979. As per reports, ESPN was available to estimated 86 million television households in the united states.  The channel has seven sister channels in the united states broadcasting in more than 200 countries and its operating regional channels in Australia, Latin America, Brazil, and the united kingdom. It owns a 20% interest in the sports network as well as its five sister networks in Canada.  To watch ESPN Events, take note of the channels and take their subscription on your television device.   

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Sister Channels to ESPN

There are around 12 channels that are available in the united states. They are even watched in other countries since their launching date. These channels are very mostly sports channels with a variety of reports and coverage which is done with great passion. The channels have coverage on athletics, sports league, conference on sports, sports news, and a lot more. Here are some of the ESPN channels with the names of their few shows. The channel shows an exclusive ESPN live cricket ball by ball.


The channel was established on October 1, 1993. The channel is responsible for coverage of conventional sports such as skateboarding, auto racing, NHL hockey, BMX, college basketball and motocross. In late 1990, ESPN 2 was gradually reformatted to serve as a secondary outlet for ESPN’s mainstream sports programming.

Espn Classic

This channel is a subscription television network that was launched in 1995 as a classic sports network. The channel was founded by Brian Bedol and Steve Greenberg. Espn purchased a classic sports network in 1997 for $175 million. With this, the channel was rebranded. The channel broadcasts notable sporting events such as ESPN Cric Info Live, sports documentaries, and sports-themed movies.  To take its subscription, you can download the app in your mobile device and stream whenever you want.


ESPNews is a subscription television network established on November 1, 1996. It is solely on sports ESPN News, highlights and press conferences. Around August 2010, the channel operated for sports debate and entertainment shows. The video used to simulcasts of ESPN radio shows. The channel also provide overflow feed. This is because to avoid the programming fights which started because of sporting events.

ESPN Deportes

ESPN Deportes is a subscription television network established in July 2001. It was available in Spanish Language of major league baseball telecasts from ESPN. the channel has become a 24-hour sports channel since January 2004. Users interested in baseball sports league can subscribe the channel and can watch on their television set or their mobile devices. 


This is a subscription television network that was introduced on March 4, 2005. Its main role was to focus on college athletics which includes ESPN Cricket, basketball, baseball, hockey, swimming, and football.  This is very interesting for the young generation to make the best use of this channel and gain the information that they are looking for in making their career in this field. 

Longhorn Network

The channel is said to be a subscription television network. The network was introduced on August 26, 2011. The main characteristic of the network is ESPN Star Sports which was sanctioned by the department of Texas Longhorns athletics. It used to have original programming which includes, academic, historical and cultural content.

SEC Network

SEC Network is a subscription television network introduced on August 14, 2014. It focuses on the coverage of sporting events Such as ESPN Sports sanctioned by the southeastern conference. 

ACC Network

ACC network was introduced on August 22, 2019. It is a subscription television network that focuses on the sporting events of the Atlantic coast conference. 

We have mentioned all the relevant information that users generally look for. Users who have an interest in ESPN can easily subscribe by visiting their site. So, for more update or information related to the sports channel visit the site and check the status there. Several sports personalities are there whom you can watch their live conference or show on sports. The channels above cover particular coverage on ESPN Sports News and activities such as athletics, swimming, football, cricket, baseball, basketball and many more.

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