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Facebook has brought a revolutionary change in online communication. From its initial days, FB has expanded its business as previously people use it to connect with each other but nowadays one can sell and buy products on this platform. Due to Facebook Trending Features, users are increasing day by day. Furthermore, it is giving the platform for Social Media Marketing. Through this, all types of businesses are getting flourished and companies are generating revenues. Facebook Marketing is a boom for the e-commerce business.

It has changed the life thought parameter. Since 2004, its wave is creating people’s life entertaining. Facebook login is very simple and swift.  There are many features getting added to Facebook, to make it more interesting and user-friendly. Please go through this article for the latest feature and trends. 

Facebook Ads

In the US, Facebook is considered as one of the top advertising channels. According to a survey it was found that maximum number of American consumers has purchased the product on Facebook. It has increased the sale of products. In this information era, the maximum number of people spends time on exploring FB.  In this scenario, the advertising of any product will definitely catch the viewer. He /she will go through that Facebook Ads and if something looks interesting they will purchase the product accordingly. 

As it provide the right platform to connect sellers with the buyer on Facebook Marketplace. Millions of interactions take place between them. Now, the new feature has been added to Facebook Ads as Ads in Facebook Search Results offer a new way to reach people who are in the search of new buyers or sellers. Now, the Facebook Search Results will appear as a placement option if the ad is eligible. Furthermore, these search ads, allowing advertisers to proffer to have their page show up in the applicable mobile searches users make on the platform.

New Photo Layouts For Multi-Image Posts

This feature of FB is more creative as the user can post multi images with different new layout options. Previously, there was only one layout option for multi-image posts, which was auto-generated while on posting on Facebook. Moreover, this feature will help sellers and Facebook Business Pages to select the option that best showcases the images they want to share with their target audiences. The user can now edit the images.

Categorize The Different Type Of Posts “Post Topic Tags”

Groups on Facebook are an interesting way to connect with new people with the same mindsets. Now in the group also, it is very easier to find things according to the interest. According to the new feature, group members and group admins can categorize different types of posts and making them easier to find later. As there are so many things get posted in a particular group, so to find the relevant information according to the interest member can put that particular word in search and can get the things easily.

Facebook Live Video

This feature allows the user to share his/her live video with friends on Facebook or by doing option public view anyone who is using FB can watch the video. It is a very interesting and entertaining feature. Anyone can share the latest happenings of life and surroundings.

Facebook Marketplace 

This is the latest feature added by Facebook, in which you can sell and purchase products. It is helping in generating revenues for many companies. It is giving the opportunity to small scale businesses to large scale businesses to sell the products. It helps in building a relationship between the buyer and seller.

Facebook Business Page

Through this page, you can build your business without roaming any every. By creating this page you can connect with many people and can flourish your business to generate the revenues. You can post images with a little description of that product so that users get attracted.

Watch Group Party 

In this feature, you can watch videos together with your friends while being in other cities. While watching you can comment on that video also. Besides this, you can share this video also. If you are watching any match or any event through this feature you and your friends can watch that match together besides the fact that your friend is in a different city.

Facebook News

News plays an important role in everyone’s life.  Many individuals spend lots of time on Facebook. At this moment to keep users aware of the latest happenings in the surroundings and world, FB has launched Facebook News. So Facebook News features the news according to the user interest. Users can explore the story of the day, topic wise section, can also personalize, can also do subscription of news. Apart from this, the user can also control the topics, publisher’s ad articles by hiding those.

Facebook is the right place to explore many things and places. It’s the way to connect with new people with same thought minds. For marketing, the seller can use Facebook Marketing Video. In which the seller can feature his/her latest design and products and get posted on FB. So that, buyer get attracted for that product. In the video user can explain the featured products in the better way.

Facebook has brought the boom in internet marketing. Day by day its users are increasing and the same with its features. It has people closer. Its predominant features have always helped its user to get immense pleasure. The user never feels alone as they are always connected to the people virtually.

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