Google’s Popular Products In The Market

Google is one of the preferred search engines in the world today. Google gets a huge turn over as it is a highly used the web search engine. It is available in so many languages around 149 languages. Google offers so many services from which you can make money easily. The major purpose of Google search is to look for text in publicly accessible documents offered by web servers. Google Search also provides many different options for customized search which can be used symbols to include, exclude, specify or require certain search behavior. Google Assistant is there to help people know about anything they are searching by voice commanding.

It offers specialized interactive experiences, such as weather forecasts, flight status and package tracking, currency, unit and time conversions, word definitions, and more. Google also introduced a knowledge graph semantic search feature in May 2012. Google Search terms indicate economic, social and health trends. Google has also inquired Google trends and demonstrated the unemployment levels and thus provide the information faster than the traditional reporting methods and surveys that are carried forward. Google search engine is on deep neural networks since mid-2016. Today there are so many competitors of Google which include Baidu and in China. In fact, in South Korea, Russia, France, Japan, Taiwan are some competitors are Google today. Let’s discuss web-based products.

Web-Based Products Of Google

Google is very popular for its products and services in the market today. There may be a lot of speculation about its various products but Google has proved that it is the best service manager in the complete ring. Google web-based products are so much in demand which has increased its value. They offer quality work which is easy for users to access.

Google Search

This is said to be the core product of Google as it where it receives about 3 million queries per day through many regional level domains around 189. Google search was launched on September 15, 1997.

Google Images

This product is used to search images with precise results based on the filer name that a user puts on the search bar. It works according to your commands where results are there in the link pointing to the image and text adjacent to the image. The search is based on an uploaded image. Google image was launched on July 12, 2001.

You Tube

This video application was acquired by Google in 2006. It basically searches video posted on Metacafe, Dailymotion, and other popular video hosting websites. It is said to be the biggest source of entertainment. It was launched on February 14, 2005.

Google news

Google News was launched in September 2002 and it is an automated news compilation service and search engine for news. News is available in 20 languages. The selection of the news stories is fully automated whereas the sites are selected by human editors.

Google Finance

Google Finance was launched on March 21, 2006. You can search US business news, opinion and financial data. Its features include company-specific pages, blog search, executive information, interactive charts, discussion groups, and a portfolio.

Google Shopping

With the help of Google shopping, you can search online stores, which interests you including auctions for products. Google Shopping was launched on May 31, 2002.

Google Books

Google books was launched in October 2002 where the full text of the printed books is there. The content is displayed depending on the arrangements with publishers from short extracts to entire books.

Google Patent

Google patent was launched on December 14, 2006. Here the search engine will search through millions of patents resulting in its own page including claims, drawings, and citations.

Google Assistant

This is the most trending web feature of Google. People are liking this feature a lot. It is generally a voice-based search service and AI assistant. The assistant was launched in MAY 18, 2016.

Google Flights

Here the web engine will help you to search for flights for many airlines to many destinations that you are looking for. It also offers tools such as price comparisons and travel recommendations.

Google Groups

This web service allows a user to join a group, make a group, track favorite topics, publish posts and share group files. Google group was launched on February 12, 2001.

Google Web History

It is basically used in web page tracking where Google records Google searches, web pages, images, videos, music and other data. Additionally, it includes search trends, bookmarks, and item recommendations. Search history was released in April 2005 it was the time when it began recording browsing history, expanding and remaining the service to web history in April 2007.

Google Weather

Google Weather is there which can tell the exact weather for the current day and for the previous days. A weather forecast is easily possible that can easily help you whenever a user gives a command. This product is also highly used by users.

Google Translate

This web-based product allows translating one language to another. This is very successful especially visiting some foreign country and you are hardly aware of the language. On April 28, 2006 Google translate was launched in the market for use. These are web-based product that Google has launched and is successful in the market today. Google stands high in the web-based products among the other top products. In Asia and Europe Google is recommended and widely used.

Besides its web-based products, Google is known for its advertising services which have made a huge profit market in the world today. Many businessmen have achieved a lot f success by following its advertising services. Some of the Google advertising services are Google ads, Google marketing platform, Google ad manager, Google AdSense, and Google Tag Manager. Google is also into the business of mobile applications which includes Google Calendar, Google Phone, Google maps, Google Games, Google Tez, Google Home App, Google pay, etc.  well, it has a long list of services that can’t be covered under one topic. For more information and updates on Google products and their services, we’ll be there to assist you with more information in concern to this. 

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