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Google Classroom is an initiative of Google through which teachers do paperless communication with the student for efficient educational flow. It is a free web service for the education industry, no-profit organization and anyone with a personal Google account. Furthermore, it is a great tool to share the information with the student, getting their homework and giving feedback. It is the perfect place to keep students work in one place such as announcements, assignments, and student work. Apart from this, it makes easy for student and teacher to connect inside and outside the school. Moreover, it saves time and a very good organized way to communicate and distribute the assignments.

Benefits Of Google Classroom

  • It is very easy to set up as it just takes a minute to setup. By using code, teachers can add the students to their class.
  • It’s simple and paperless workflow saves time and allows teachers to create, mark assignments quickly and review, all in one place.
  • It is an organized process, as there is a folder in Google Drive for the student which is automatically filled with assignments and class materials, which students can check for their assignments.
  • It is the best channel for teachers and students to communicate. It allows teachers to send announcements and start the class swiftly. Apart from this, students can share information with each other or provide answers to questions on the stream. Teachers can also give feedback instantly to those students who have not completed the assignments and also grades.
  • It is affordable and secure. There is no advertisement, and Google never shares the data with any third party.
  • It is compatible with Forms, Drive, Gmail, Google Docs and calendar.
  • It can be accessed anytime anywhere. 
  • Teachers can create and manage class discussions as they can control the post on the stream page and also restrict the student from posting and commenting. Moreover, teachers can engage the students in question-driven discussions.
  • Teachers can also communicate with parents.

Steps to Sign In To Google Classroom

Sign In to Google Classroom steps are very swift and straightforward. There must be an active internet connection for signing in. Follow the steps to sign in to Google Classroom

  • Open the browser and type “ and hit enter and select the option “Go to Classroom”
  • After that, write the username and tap the option “Next”
  • Now, write the password and press the “Next” option
  • If you get any welcome message after reading it Tap on the option “Accept” 
  • Now according to the preference select the option “I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher in case if you have a G Suite for Education account. Besides this, this option you will not get if you have personal Google account
  • After that  teacher/student  need to tap on the option “Get Started
  • Now, you will ready to start. If you a teacher then check the option “ Create a Class” and if you are the student then check the option “ Join a Class” according to your preference.

How Can Teachers Invite Students To Class?

Teachers can use a Google email alias to invite group students. There is no need to be the owner or member of the group but the teacher can view group members and their email addresses.

  • At first, open the browser and type “ and press enter
  • After that tap on the option “Sign In” and then the teacher can sign in with their Google account.
  • Next,  they have to select the class in  which they want to add the students or a group of students
  • Then teacher need to tap on the option “People” and then tap on the option “Invite Student
  • Now, mention the student’s email address or group e-mail address. The teacher might get an autocomplete list as they start mentioning the email address.
  • Now, select a student or a group under the option “Search results”.
  • After that tap on the option “Invite”. After the teacher has sent the email invitation, the class list updates to display the name of the invited students.

How To Share A Code To Student To Join The Classroom?

There are multiple ways through which the teacher can share the code with the student. The teacher can display the code on the projector or copy it and share it. 

  • At first, open the browser and type “ and press enter
  • After that tap on the option “Sign In” and then the teacher can sign in with their Google account.
  • Now, select the option” Class”
  • To display the code quickly when projecting, tap the option “Full Screen “under the class name next to the Code. Moreover, for a larger view teacher need to tap on the option “Full Screen “Again.
  • Now, tap on the option “Settings” and select an option either Display or Copy.
  • To display the code on a projector, tap on down arrow and then click “Display” in the option” General Section, next to the code.
  •  To copy the code to share with students, tap on down arrow and then click “copy” in the option” General Section, next to the code.
  • After that the teacher needs to instruct the student how they can join the class. For that, they need to sign in to the classroom with their Google account and then students have to join a class.

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