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Google Scholar is a web search engine that provides users to access the latest and the oldest books, grey literature, articles, conference proceedings and a lot more. The web search engine was launched on November 20, 2004, and is still active in most of the countries. Google Scholar Search will allow you to see searches that interest you. All related articles, books, and news will appear as you wish.   You’ll also come across, books, conference papers, online academic journals, theses, dissertations, technical reports, preprints, abstracts scholarly literature which includes court literature and patents.

Advantages Of Google Scholar

  • Google scholar is very simple and easy to use. It is very familiar with accessing data from google. If you’re using it for the first time, you’ll be stuck while accessing it.
  • Google Scholar Help to access the data that they want from a book, article, magazine or from some textbooks. A wide number of topics can be searched. A deep knowledge of philosophy with all literature is covered in google scholar.
  • It also allows you to see the articles that might interest you. Especially the ones that are cited most of the time and bu whom. It even provides citations for articles in a number of styles. 
  • It displays links to articles and books which are from different libraries. All are kept under one roof. The Google Scholar Website has all the information that is related to the literature and all facts that you might be looking for. Book reading is a good solution by following the site.
  • You don’t have to register yourself to access google scholar. It is a free site for which you don’t have to pay to access.
  • Google scholar also allows a user to save articles and references to read later.
  • It is even updated with the area of research.

What Are The Smart Ways Students Can Use Google Scholar?

The first thing the students must know that it works like other web search engine. To acquire the best results, it needs to be as specific as possible. Scholar gives a combination of results as you type the topic for you to make it easy and you get the relevant information. The interesting aspect of google scholar is that it searches both the article and the title even if the content is locked to subscribers. As the results page appear, you’ll come across all the related information about the publisher, author, and date of every entry.

Build Libraries: As you access the results, you feel the need to save the information. You can create your library and save the related searches that interest you. Something useful and important you might have see which you want to keep. As you have relevant data in your library then you can view whenever you want. You can easily view your article and abstract which you can put under a label for future use.

Set Up Alerts: as you are researching something and in recent times, something updated has come which will help you to save the latest information in your library where you have created your collection of articles, books, and journals.

Read Through Case Law: Articles on case law can be easily searched through google scholar homepage. For law students, the tool is very beneficial and helps in getting all relevant information that is required for various subjects such as history, geography, political science, and civics.

Acquire Quick References: Under Google Scholar Search result, you’ll easily find the cite button. You’ll receive a pop up with references varying different formats which are easily possible into a word document that google links in the box. It’s a great feature for students taking 10 minutes to complete their work and bibliographies.

How To Get Google Scholar?

Maximum articles come with abstracts while you search for some articles. If it has become difficult to access full text then there is one option through which you can easily access complete information hassle-free. We would advise you to look for the document, PDF or HTML  as information appears on the result page. Simply click on the results page on the ones as mentioned. By doing this, all can be seen and can be saved in your library.

Are Google Scholar Articles Free?

Google Scholar Article is absolutely free as you use google you can easily accessing information for free. You don’t have to pay any charge for viewing the information or downloading the information from google scholar. The latest feature of Google Scholar Advanced Search allows the user to search for information and the outcome will appear with the date and publication with the latest edition including the past ones.

Is It Possible To Update Google Scholar?

You can update your Google Scholar App for which you have to visit the site. You can go for advanced research where the results will appear in the form of articles with date, authors and updated editions on various topics as entered by you. Here are some of the steps that you can follow to update google scholar:

  • Visit the site
  • Go to action menu
  • choose the “Profile updates” option by getting into Actions menu
  •  Select the “automatic updates settings” then
  • Click “update settings”
  • Your profile will be updated automatically when google scholar is updated.
  • The settings will control the updates for your list of articles.

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