How Pinterest is considered as The Best-In terms of individual and business practices?

Pinterest has reached 300 million monthly users. It may not be a Social Media giant like Facebook, however, it is quite a very important platform having deep penetration in valuable demographics. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann summarized half of all U.S millennials have an interest in Pinterest. And the beauty of Pin Interest is that its popularity and usage is not only limited to youngsters only. As per the latest research data, 68 percent of U.S. women between 25 to 55 use Pinterest. 

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Pinterest Emerging as a better marketplace for Business

Nowadays people are using Pinterest to accomplish their various objectives. It is the social network where people search for ideas about products to purchase in the online marketplace. In terms of influencing social media users in USA. Pinterest comes just second the facebook.

The data acquired from the research is quite interesting and reveals how Pinterest is the second-largest influencer marketing platform in terms of online business.

Percentage of Respondents

  • Facebook 31.8%
  • Pinterest 16.4%
  • Instagram 12.5%
  • Snapchat 1.7%

Components  of Pinterest for Overview of Business


In terms of Pinterest, A pin is a piece of image or video that someone selects to save to Pinterest. When it comes to businesses, links are more important than images, therefore every pin is followed by a link to the original source. It denotes that Pinterest is a great source of referral traffic.


Users who use Pinterest are called pinners, and they save a lot of stuff. To keep things well-organized, users sort their pints into collections that are called boards.

Pinners have option either to follow your entire account or just a few specific interests.


Feed is just like to feed on any other social network. It is the collection of links and content that is allowed by pinners on their profile.

Setup A Pinterest Account For Your Business

Well! The first and foremost thing which you can do while marketing your business account is to create your Pinterest business account, in spite of personal account. Your business account is followed by business-specific features like analytics, and the capability to use Pinterest advertising.

You are also allowed to convert your personal Pinterest account to your business account. For this, you just need to fill additional information about your business, & accept terms of services that are business-specific.

Step 1 Create Pinterest For Business Account

  1. First of all, go to Pinterest for business page, & click join as a business
  2. Submit your email address, password, name of business, website, & select your business category
  3. Make sure to review terms of service & privacy policy, and then click Create Account
  4. Doing so your account will be successfully created

Step 2: Complete your profile

Once the initial feature of your account is created, you need to submit your profile details to make your brand credible and appealing.

  • For this sign in to your new Pinterest account, hover over profile icon on the top right, and click options, settings.
  • Scroll down to profile section for uploading a profile photo, then complete about your section, add business location, and then click option, "save settings".


Provide as much information as you can. Select an image that best represents your brand, such as a logo. Adding your website will be very beneficial as users can visit you through it.

Step 3: Confirm your Website

  • From Pinterest settings, scroll down to profile section & click confirm website.
  • Copy & paste provided text into HTML of the index page of your website
  • After that click finish.
  • Pin a link from your website in order to check whether your website is confirmed.

Step 4 Create Boards

Step 5: Start Pinning


Pinterest Growth 2019 has been very significant where the number of monthly users increased to 300, and its ability to open doors of business has increased too. And it is the fact that Pinterest Future Growth will define the success extent of all businesses who want to flourish.

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