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LinkedIn is a professional social media network website. Unlike other social media networks, it is designed in such a way that it helps an individual to make business connections, resume, share their experiences and find jobs.  This Company was started by Microsoft. It is quite similar to Facebook as in this also you connect with your friends, can share and like content, post updates and can also use instant messaging to the connections. Furthermore, through LinkedIn Sign Up you can search for jobs, recommendations, and referrals from colleagues and friends. There are many network groups of companies and interests also on LinkedIn through which you can get important news and information regarding that Company.

It is the right place for a job seeker, as they can post a resume on the company website directly and send a resume to their connection to get the job. Like Facebook, you can to react and comment on the post shared by your connection and networks. Apart from this, you can also make connections with companies human professionals to get more updates regarding the hiring information. For Employers also it is the perfect one as they can scrutinize the right candidate for their particular post.

Importance Of LinkedIn On Professional Life

  • LinkedIn gives the opportunity for people to keep in touch with the people who were professionally connected with them as at this time people change jobs so often. If you are connected with your colleague through LinkedIn it helps you in gathering the information about a particular individual’s professional network.
  • If anyone got stuck in any business issue or professionally then an individual can discuss all his/her concerns with experts through the trusted introduction. by asking queries on LinkedIn In’s tools “Answer & Groups”.
  • It is very easier to search for a job. Furthermore, it lets an individual search thousands of employment listing with the option for filling out applications directly on the site. After that, the application filed by the individual and LinkedIn profile is sent directly to the potential employer.
  • It also helps Hiring managers to select the right candidate with the specific skill set and necessary experience as required for a particular job.
  • The individual who is in search of a job can research companies and employees. As there many companies who are maintaining their LinkedIn profile mentioning all details about the company such as work culture, training, achievements, etc so it is very beneficial for the people to go through company news before applying job for that particular company’s job.
  • It provides an opportunity to network. As we all know that good network or connection always helps in career development. You can get connected with the greatest role models who can inspire in remolding your career.

How To Make A Better LinkedIn Profile?

The LinkedIn profile plays a significant role in finding a suitable job.  It features an individual professional presence online. In the profile, one has to mention qualifications, history of employment, skills, experience. It is always necessary to make the LinkedIn profile as complete and gripping as possible. Follow the steps to make a better LinkedIn Profile:

  • Always write a comprehensive and engaging profile and also make sure that the profile should be complete, interesting, readable and detailed. As it is the online resume for the hiring professionals. Always try to put a professional photo of yours and also make your profile public so that you can be easily found on LinkedIn. Apart from this, please also customize the URL to your profile link so that you can share your profile easily with the employer and your connections.
  • Always highlight your experience in the summary. Furthermore, do not forget to put an eye-catchy headline which always attracts other viewers to view your profiles. The more strong your profile, the more you assuring you get to notice. Always select an industry mention appropriate things so that you can be easily noticed by the employers.
  • Experience is a skill and knowledge of an individual which plays a vital role in finding a suitable job. Always use the resume to write the experience section. It is always important to mention current and past employment, entire work history, and education. Try to put a concise and actual and specific fact on your profile.
  • The Skills & Endorsement section is an essential segment of an individual’s profile. Recruiters always check this section to check the compatibility with the job. Always provide relevant job skills.
  • There is an important section on LinkedIn i.e. “request LinkedIn recommendations”. As it act as a reference for the employer to find a potential employer. Recommendation from previous co-workers and friends always showcase your talent to the recruiters.
  • Try to always include your accomplishments to highlight your projects, languages you know, any publications by you, and other contribution any field you have earned. And also add any volunteer experience as it impacts a lot in recruitment.

How To Sign Up For LinkedIn?

Follow the steps to sign up for LinkedIn

  • At first, open the browser and type
  • LinkedIn Sign Up page will display
  • Now enter your first and last name, e-mail address and password
  • Now tap on “Join Now” and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

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