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Netflix is a streaming service that allows members to watch a wide variety of movies, documentaries, television shows. Furthermore, members can enjoy their favorite shows ad-free. To avail, the services of Netflix Subscription one have to do a prepaid subscription for the membership. Furthermore, there are thirty days of free membership plan also but you still need to provide a payment method.

Netflix is streaming videos in 190 countries. You can enjoy its videos at any time and anywhere with a good internet connection. Its app is compatible with all devices and all operating systems. You can pause, play and resume watching without any advertisements. Besides this, you can also download the videos so that you can watch those videos offline also. Different region has different content.

Netflix Memberships

Netflix has four membership plans, according to the interest member can choose and enjoy any plan. As it provide the option of watching videos in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) or Ultra High Definition (UHD). Please go through the Netflix Plans available in India

  • Mobile Plan - Member has to pay one hundred ninety-nine rupees per month and they can watch videos on two devices, one on mobile and one tablet screen. Apart from this, this plan is supported on iOS devices with iOS 12.0 higher and on Android devices with Android OS 5.0(Lollipop) or higher.
  • Basic Plan - For this plan, one has to pay 499 rupees per month and can enjoy on SD quality on one screen only.
  • Standard Plan - One has to pay 649 rupees per month and members can enjoy movies, series, and documentaries on two screens at the same time in high definition (HD) quality.
  • Premium Plan - For subscribing this plan member has to pay 799 rupees only per month and can enjoy Netflix Movies and other videos on four screens at a same time with high definition and ultra-high definition.

Moreover, the above-mentioned plans allow its members to download the videos and watch that any time. Besides this, the member can also upgrade or degrade the plan according to their interests. Once you have subscribed to the membership according to the plan, charges are automatically deducted monthly on the date they have signed up. Member will get notification regarding this if they are in the mood to change the plan or cancel they can opt any but before the date of subscription. They can pay for the plans using credit card or debit card. 

Netflix Membership Free trial 

Netflix gives the opportunity to its new member to watch its award-winning movies, series, documentaries and TV show free of cost by availing the free trial option. But members still need to provide the details of credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods to enjoy the free trial. Moreover, if you do want to continue with membership and don’t want to pay for next month then you have to cancel the membership before the date of signing up. You will get an e-mail a few days prior regarding the free trial that is going to end so you have the chance to cancel that. Furthermore, if you want to continue then there will be a deduction  from your account details provided and for the same, you will be notified by email and message on mobile number.

Process To Start Netflix 

In this technology era, everyone is busy in their life. There is little time for entertainment in their life. Netflix give the opportunity to watch members of their favorite web-series on mobile and on any devices while commuting to their office, home or lying on the bed. It is a very simple and swift way to get started watching Netflix. Follow the steps below to enjoy the Netflix Movies and Series 

  • First, select the Netflix Membership plan according to your interest
  • Now, you need to create an account by entering the details such as your email address and then create a password
  • After that, mention the payment method 
  • Now, you can stream videos anytime anywhere.

NOTE: for better streaming of videos, you need to have a good internet connection.

You can enjoy movies, series, kid’s shows, and award-winning documentaries without any advertisement. You are free to can the subscription at any moment but just remember the date of subscription as you need to cancel it before the date of subscription. Besides this, you will be billed once on the date you have initially signed up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Netflix has a collection of most talked about movies, series, and documentaries from across the globe. It is one of the most leading internet entertainments. Netflix Plans are designed in such a way that members can enjoy the Netflix TV Shows and any videos at the fullest. But there are many queries which arise in the mind of members while availing the membership. Some of them are:

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  • What is the Netflix yearly subscription?
  • Where can I get Netflix Price for a subscription?
  • What is Netflix Sign in?
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  • What are the different billing and payment method?
  • How can do Netflix Sign In?
  • How can I set parental controls on Netflix account?
  • Can I download TV shows and series on Netflix?
  • What is the process to turn on subtitles, captions, audio?
  • Netflix not responding
  • Want to reset the password of Netflix
  • Can I update the email and mobile number?
  • What is the process to download Netflix Series?
  • How to cancel membership?
  • Can I update the payment method?

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