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Hotmail consists of webmail, tasks, contacts and calendaring services from Microsoft. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 at an estimated amount of $ 400 million. The company was established in the year 1996 by Saber Bhatia and Jack Smith. Now in the present time, this webmail is changed to outlook and work as the way it used to be. Users can easily create their Hotmail Account and access whenever they want. In recent times, Microsoft has released the final version of Hotmail in October 2011 and later it was replaced by outlook in the year 2012.

As it was commercially launched, the motto is to get freedom from IPS based email. Also symbolizing the ability to access a user inbox from anywhere in the world. The name Hotmail was suggested after a lot of possibilities ending in the mail. The letter in it defines HTML which is hypertext markup language. The HTML is used to create web pages. It was reported that Hotmail has about  8.5 million subscribers which made it a high for mail services. Hotmail uses ajax programming technique and support similar to another major webmail service. It also supports the later versions of internet explorer, safari, firefox, and google chrome. 

Let’s Discuss the Features of Hotmail

There are many features of Hotmail today which are used up by many users. Some of its features include keyboard controls that can navigate around the page without using the mouse. It has the ability to search the user’s messages such as structured query syntax such as message filters, folder-based organization of messages contact grouping, auto-completion of contact addresses when composing, importing and exporting of contacts as rich text formatting, CSV files, rich text signatures, virus scanning, spam filtering and different language versions. Hotmail Sign Up is easily possible and users can install the app or feature that they want to

Security and Privacy

The main feature of Hotmail is to provide security to its valuable users especially targeting Gmail privacy practices. Hotmail does not scan emails or attachments for advertising information or personal conversations. They are completely ad-free. For security reasons or past incident, Microsoft has announced that it no longer will access private account information themselves. For any information control issues, the matter will be taken to the law enforcement issues. Hotmail now uses the DMARC specifications to provide excellent security for message transmission. It also extended the validation certificate to secure the user’s connection with outlook. There is no security issue so Login Hotmail Account without any fear in your mind. From April 2013, Microsoft added two-step verification to Microsoft accounts for more security and safety. Hotmail allows a single-use code to be used instead of a user password when you sign in into a Microsoft account. Users can use the code once, but one user can request if required. The user receives the code if they request for it during Hotmail login. 

Active View

Hotmail Active View allows users to interact directly with content and functionality within their email message. Any photo attachments can be already seen directly using Active View. provides a partner platform that allows contents and functionality from various websites and services which includes youtube, Flickr, linkedIn and the united states postal service. The user receives an email which allows users to view the youtube video. Active view features include tracking of real-time shipping status and performing social networking actions on social networking sites straightaway from the email message.


Outlook Live time-management web app was first released on January 14, 2008.  This app was utilized as  Windows Live Calendar which further was updated to the Wave 4 release on June 7, 2010. on April 2, 2013, it was updated with Microsoft's Metro design in a phased roll-out to users. The calendar features interface to desktop calendar applications. These applications are window calendars and support iCalendar files which allow users to import calendar entries into their calendars. Ajax technology is used which enables users to view, add and drag and drop calendar events from one date to another without reloading the page, and features daily, weekly, monthly. Hotmail Sign In and tap to various desktop calendar applications. This feature also features a to-do list function for users to keep track of their tasks to be completed. Calendar events are stored online which can be viewed from any location. Well, Multiple calendars can be created and shared by different levels of permissions for each user.


Hotmail Outlook contacts management service allows users with access to their contact profiles and information allowing them to share different information with different groups of people. It was originally known as Windows Live Contacts and even before that Windows Live People. It has an address book and people offer integrated services with social media. In 2012, a new interface based on the Metro design language was introduced. In this, the Contacts are automatically updated in real-time. Whereas the service allows for the removal of duplicated contact entries when imported with the profile. Users have the facility set limits on what parts of their contact details can be seen by others.

Office For The Web Integration

It allows viewing and editing of Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint documents that are attached to the email messages. Users have the facility to directly open attached Office documents within the web browser and save them into their one drive.

It is also into the mobile application since January 2015. It has expanded its products and services since then. Mobile application has a great turn over because users are there who always have a requirement on something on the other. Users immediately create their account and benefit from the features. Hotmail has also been into controversies popularity with spammers, requests for contact details and US government surveillance.

We’ve mentioned the information from which you will gain some knowledge that will help you out. For more information or any update on Hotmail outlook, visit the site online and see more interesting facts about it.

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