Translate is to express the sense of word or text in another language. It is a very useful tool for understanding different languages. If anyone finds the difficulty in getting the actual meaning word, text, sentences or phrase, just check on Translate, you will get a correct meaning of that particular word. Furthermore, Translate word comes from a Latin translates which means “carry across”. It is the best way to bring people together by interpreting their languages.

It is a type of art in which you can change the foreign language in your own language to get the things rightly. By using this one can also enhance and learn the different languages in an easy way. It is the process of transferring written text from one language. There are several languages across the globe, Translate help the people to get comfortable and understand the different language on foreign land. 

Key Features of Translate

  • Interpret the word, phrase, sentences in one language to other languages
  • It helps in understanding the actual meaning of the language. Makes sense for that particular language.
  • It is the best way to express ads in simple and less technical language
  • It helps in change from one form or medium into another without changing the actual meaning of the word or text.
  • It enables effective communication between the people across the globe
  • Accuracy, clarity, and naturalness are three aforementioned qualities for a good translation.
  • As every language has its own natural patterns that make it sound beautiful if the interpretation of that language not done beautifully then it will affect the person in understanding the languages.
  • An unclear text creates misunderstanding and confusion in people so it is very useful to use translate for understanding the real essence and meaning of the sentence.
  • Translate written words
  • Text in other apps
  • You can also translate images 
  • Translate bilingual conversation
  • You can also translate webpages and documents
  • There is also a facility to getting translate with handwriting and virtual keyboard.
  • Instant professional translational of official and personal texts

Various Types Of Translate Across the Globe

  • Google Translate - It is a free service provided by Google which helps in translating any word, text or phrase in one language to another language. You can convert any language to English and over 100 other languages.

Major Search on Google Translate 


English to Hindi

translate English to Hindi

English to Marathi

English to Tamil


English to Gujarati

English to Bangla

English to Telugu

translate English to Tamil

English to Malayalam

translate English to Marathi

English to Kannada

translate to English

translate to Hindi

English to Punjabi

Google translate English to Hindi

Bangla to English

English to Telugu translation

Arabic to English

English to Kannada translation

translate words

translate English to Gujarati

English to Bangla translation

translate English to Punjabi

language translator

Hindi to English translate

translate English to Malayalam

Tamil translation

English to Urdu

Google translate English to Tamil

Korean to English

English to Hindi typing


Google Translate Audio

This is the facility provided by Google to get translate the word, text or phrase by speech. You have to speak and this app will detect the language and will automatically translate that. It is a powerful API that recognizes over 110 languages and variants. It is scalable and reliable. You can grip a talk in any language. Follow the steps to translate spoken word and phrases if your device has a microphone

  • First, you have to open the “Google Translate Page” in the web browser 
  • After that Tap “Speak “at the bottom left of the text box
  • When it says “speak now” then you have to say what you want to translate
  • Once done then tap “speak” again

NOTE: You will get a translated sentence. Besides this, this facility is available on the chrome operating system only.


Apart from website translate, there is a very important profession known as “Translator” which works is also to translate or interpret one language to another. It is a very respectful job across the globe. In the field of tourism or politics, this job is in demand. Nowadays corporate also hire for translator profiles to diverse their businesses all over the world. The person who works as a translator possesses knowledge of multiple languages works with individual clients and corporations.

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Translate serves as a bridge between two different speaking people or two different language words.  It helps in understanding the real meaning of that particular content. Furthermore, through this one can enhance the word power knowledge and vocabulary. Apart from this, people can also learn a new language.

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