Achievements of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the popular president of the united states. He is basically a business tycoon and currently, he is the country’s president. He made so many policies which were opposed by the people previously but now as time passed and they saw development people changed their minds. Due to the strict rules and achievements, the countries economic growth increased. The world is suffering from the recession but the country is progressing in the world. People in the country are getting the higher opportunity in the world as compared to the other countries. 

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What Are The Achievements Of Donald Trump Since Presidentship?

As the president was elected, he first increased the wages of the middle-class people. This was a great step for the development of the people. This surely made him a star in the eyes of the people. This was the first time when a budget was there for the middle-class employees. Secondly, the effect of the Mexico and Canada deal, china got the support from the American president and helped the people with so much trading. Trump is very active on social media and so Trump Tweets often every achievement of his day to day life.

The president of the white house Trump today increased the growth rate. He has been working on this for a long time and finally achieved it. A three percent increase has been seen since this elected government. Around four million jobs were created and this helped the economic development of the country. There were some people who were against him but later due to his work, everybody admired him and took initiative in his work ethics. Other country people who have migrated here are pleased with his work and they were also hired for various posts.

American business Accomplishment

The American income of a household increased as the recession ended. The technology plays a greater impact on our work culture and economy. In fact, the small business was increased with a huge number as trump made changes to the policies accordingly. Consumer confidence also increased as the big brands and small brands stood for each other at this time. Only a few percents of people were not happy with his decisions. Well, there are some who are with you and some against you. Fifty-one percent of the economy is getting a high economy.

Now people are investing more into the united states to deduct the tax. In 2018, so many investment plans proposals have come that helped people in getting a huge benefit from it. 

Defense Accomplishments

Defense resources were also checked and so many defense deals were done most of which was not exposed in the front of the camera. The social media was not aware much about the deal that took place due to security reasons.

Domestic Infrastructure Achievement

Investment for the development of the domestic infrastructure was proposed which involved around $200 billion. The idea behind this was to create an investment plan for the development of the country. High priority infrastructure projects were given approval which helped s many people in getting the comfort home for living. There was also an infrastructure investment plan for people living in remote areas.

Health Care  Achievements

To minimize the financial burden, the initiative was taken to reduce health issues to improve national suicide. For such cases, a helpline was introduced. Trump also gave approval to the childhood cancer law for which research was more required and how to improve the treatment was taken seriously. Before this nothing was taken as seriously as the present government term. He also initiated in the health care options for the ill patients. Some of the tasks which were not completed by the previous government, he took the challenge to complete those even.

Law And Order Achievements

Law and order were strictly followed during his presidentship. Proper protection was given to the officers and so they took the law enforcement work mandatory. Strict actions on consuming drugs were taken. Drug addicted people were punished and all such rackets were prisoned for a lifetime. Any abuse on social media was also taken seriously and people were allowed to mention words which show some limit and respect.

Border Security and Immigration

Border security and immigration were taken seriously for which laws were imposed which was to maintain a peaceful place for all communities. If people found guilty of something, he or she was put behind bars. The country people and the immigrants have a very social space between them which make them comfortable with each other. A special moment started which helped the foreign people in the country. Border security is very tight and so people can’t enter the border as the defense army is very alert and takes strict actions against the people who try to create terrorism in the nation.

Record American Oil Production

The president made such a scheme that helped the people and quoted the oil in less amount for the American people. This made the country strong and created a high energy source within the country.

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