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Twitch is the world’s leading live video streaming service that primarily focuses on video game live streaming and also broadcasts esports competitions, broadcast creative contact, music broadcasts and apart from this you also view content on the site either live or via video on demand. Users can watch and chat with millions of other fans across the globe. Since 2011, it has expanded many features to entertain and engage the users. As in the initial time, it only focuses on games now it streaming music, talk shows, occasional television series, and artwork creation.

Every month the streaming service owns over two million unique streamers and more than 17 thousand users earn money through Twitch Partner Program. It is the service that provides streamers with added features such as paid subscriptions and ad placements. Although it has been purchased by Amazon in the year 2014 nut there are no lees in popularity of this streaming service as it is counted as one of the highest sources of internet traffic in the North region of America.

Twitch Not Just For Video Games

In its previous years, Twitch only focuses on games but later it expanded its service to many fields of entertainment. Users can enjoy music products, live shows, cooking shows, panel discussion and may more. Apart from there is the most popular non-gaming category is “In Real Life” (IRL) which allows the streamers to have word with their viewers in real-time. Apart from these viewers can also learn some creative things while watching the creative category on this. Moreover, talented artists and creative people can showcase their creativity which always attracts the maximum audiences. So Twitch is not just for games there are many things to view.

Process To Connect Twitch Account To Amazon

Twitch was acquired by Amazon in 2014. There was no effect on the streaming videos on Twitch after the change of ownership. Moreover, this acquisition has brought more audiences to Twitch. BY connecting the Twitch account and amazon accounts necessary to open twitch prime and also to use paid features.  Please note that only once you can connect both the accounts. Apart from this, once the connection is done then it will work on other devices where you have used Twitch. Follow the steps to connect Twitch account to Amazon

  • First, you need to log in to your Twitch account and Amazon account in the web browser.
  • Then, tap “connect your Twitch account” link on Amazon home pages.
  • After that, you need to follow the online instructions and then press the “confirm” option which is purple in color. In this way, your account will get connected.

Benefits Of Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is a finest experience on Twitch that is incorporated with Amazon Prime and Prime Video memberships. Users can enjoy the elite in-game content, bonus games, a channel subscription every month without paying anything extra. Apart from this, Twitch Prime is included with prime video in over two hundred countries and territories. Following are the benefits of being Twitch Prime

  • To Use on Partner/Affiliate channels, the user will receive a Twitch channel subscription every month.  Apart from this, you can enjoy chat privileges, badges and emoticons and many more.
  • Members will so get access to select games and also can select in-game tools without paying extra charges.
  • You can get exclusive emoticons such as scaredy-cat, KappaHD, and others.
  • You can also select and set chat colors by toggling a set of three prime colors. You can also change chat color setting at any time.
  •  You will get Member-only prime chat badge which can also be togged on and off via settings. It is the best way to identify prime members.
  • You will get expanded broadcast storage which will save your past broadcasts on Twitch for sixty days instead of standard fourteen days.

Latest News  - Twitch

  • To keep top streams such as DrLupo, TimTheTatman and LIRIK Twitch has spent a lot. As per sources, it is said to run into millions of dollars per year. 
  • Scammers are imitating popular Twitch Stream
  • Streamer absolutely seals down viewer’s backhanded compliment
  • Steeler Wr JuJu Smith-Schuster reveals that he was given money to watch Thursday night football on Twitch.

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Have Any Queries? Just Get in Touch with Support Staff

Do you have any query regarding Twitch? The chat service remains active round the clock. A few common queries raised by users are-

  •  looking for a free subscription
  •  Issue in emoticons
  •  In-game tools issue
  • not streaming perfectly
  •  Want to chat with a different reason

Contact with Twitch Customer Service through Chat

Live chat option is always open for users who want to get their queries resolved. Before connecting to chat representatives be clear of what problem do you have, and how do you want to get it resolved. This will help you put your concerns more clearly in-front of customer care representatives, also they will take less time to understand and fix your issues. In case you find chatting inconvenient, then you can prefer calling their phone number. Any issue regarding Twitch or unsatisfied services will be fixed here.

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