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Twitter's new account named @twitterRetweets officially launched by twitter with an aim to focus the best of the micro-blogging platform. This account will give you followers with your best tweets retweeted.  As a recent launch, the company relaunched Instagram account similar to Instagram that uploads screenshots of good tweets on facebook

Here the question arises, will this fix any twitter problems? Of course not! Still, there are so many associated benefits that provide the company with a platform to highlight the best moments of twitter.

How Twitter differs from other Social Media?

In today's world completely dependent on Internet technology, social media plays quite an effective role. As social media is getting more and more integrated in our daily lives, relating our every platform to physical environments has become very easy. However, there are so many social media networks available in the marketplace, but there is always a slight difference in their objectives, purposes, functionalities and target users. For example- Linkedin is a professional landscape that connects and shares news between coworkers and professionals. Facebook connects friends and acquaintances. And twitter is offbeat, that establishes healthy communication between strangers.

Other than this, Twitter is also an ultimate platform for customer engagement, and it also is an ideal social network for marketers. The role of establishing clear & concise communication between brands and consumers is always on top.

User Engagement Factors

Twitter is effective enough in bringing driving a more relevant, and unique audience making it easy to pinpoint. Interests and characteristics are easily understood either through the profile of individuals, but also via tweet, retweets as well as hashtags. Twitter brings for you a sure shot means to identify the interests and optimize user engagement.

Major Factors with Twitter that Support & Affect Engagement

As per twitter, five major elements that are necessary to fuel engagement on their platform- Photos, Hashtags, Links, Videos, Numerals. According to the statement of data scientists, more than 2 million tweets sent by more than thousands of verified users convey that the addition of links, videos, and photos gives an impressive boost in a number of retweets.

How Twitter Trends and MicroBlogging Lay a positive impact?

Microblogs-Hand in Hand with Twitter

MicroBlog in twitter suits as very useful in user engagement. It is a small piece of content designed for the purpose of quick audience interactions. A microblog combines instant messaging & content production where a user shares short messages with the online audience for improvement of engagement.  Twitter is amongst the top-notch and best microblogging channels across the world. Through microblog, users can conveniently share GIFs, links, posts, articles, videos and more.

Amazing Power of Hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags on Twitter are very powerful tools offering users a splendid way to sort & organize their tweets. They are a great way to let you indicate your content is relevant to a certain topic, and increase the reach of your tweets ahead of interested audience.

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How One Can Use Hashtags For Effective Results?

It is not stretch to assume that most people use trending hashtags for targeting clients. It should also be noted, that apart from the popularity of hashtags, if you're making their wrong usage, it may lay out a negative impact. If you're a social media enthusiast, then you must have a knowledge of hashtags.

From the user's point of view, the hashtag is the best possible method to categorize content.  Using hashtags, the content will be more intended for the relevant audience. It also means if you make a wrong usage of hashtags in trends, it means you would not get your communication.

Method of Using Twitter Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags on twitter showcase a great opportunity for marketers who are targetting twitter subscribers.  People on twitter follow hashtags on twitter that reveal their interests towards the same. That way, a social media marketer who uses hashtags correctly achieves a high audience base on twitter.

First Step: Know how to search on trending hashtags

  • Find trending hashtag on twitter native
  • Third-party apps

Second Step: Create message keeping the audience in mind

Third Step: Ensure you better relate moment with your products.

How Twitter Benefits Small Businesses?

Twitter being a leading social media platform attracts a lot of businesses towards it. It is simple and straightforward words if you own a small business, and plan to twitter for your business, then the following questions will definitely click in  your mind:

  • Is twitter helpful for small businesses?
  • What are the prime objectives of twitter marketing?
  • Why use twitter, and how it helps SMEs?
  • How can I use effectively use twitter for marketing of business?

Well! having more than 300 million active users, Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses to reach & connect with new audiences. The cost of promotion is very less, therefore SMEs get a sure shot way to explore twitter for promoting their products.  Let's have a look at the major goals of twitter marketing:

  • Generating sales & leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build better customer support channel
  • Create a positive opinion
  • Build a community

Twitter helps SMEs by- Helping them connect to customers, increasing brand awareness and building customer support channel.

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