Wells Fargo Banking Operations And Services

Wells Fargo Bank is an American multinational company which is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company is into banking, financial services and insurance. The banking industry was founded on March 18, 1851. It has central offices throughout the united states. The customers can create an account by signing in on Wells Fargo Online. The company is stated as the world’s fourth-largest bank by market capitalization and the fourth bank in the US in total assets. Wells Fargo was ranked 26th on the 2018 fortune 500 rankings of the largest US corporation by total revenue. In July 2015, the bank became the world’s largest bank by market capitalization. Wells Fargo fell behind  Bank of America in case of bank deposits in 2017.

The company’s main operating subsidiary is national bank Wells Fargo bank. This bank designates its main office as Sioux Falls, South Dakota. At present, the bank is merged and is transferred head office to Wells Fargo’s in San Francisco. It merged its operating subsidiary with Wells Fargo’s operating subsidiary in Sioux Falls. According to the reports, the company operates in thirty five countries. They even have seventy million customers all round the world which seems to be a huge number. interesting to know that the company operates 12 museums which display original stagecoaches, photographs, gold nuggets, and mining artifacts, the Pony Express, the telegraph, equipment, and historic bank artifacts.

Let’s Discuss Operations And Services of Wells Fargo

The company is into three different segments when reporting results which are community banking, wholesale banking, wealth, brokerage, and retirement. Wells Fargo Online Banking facility is available which customers can easily look for by engaging with their customer executive. Wells Fargo customer care is always available all round the clock for their valuable customers.

Community Banking

The Community Banking segment includes Consumer Deposits groups,  Regional Banking, Diversified Products, and Wells Fargo Customer Connection. The bank also has around 2,000 stand-alone mortgage branches all over the country. The mini branches of bank are situated inside other buildings which are grocery stores having ATMs, basic teller services, space permitting,  and an office for private meetings with customers. In March 2017, the bank introduced a plan to offer smartphone-based transactions with mobile wallets including Wells Fargo Wallet, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Consumer Lending:

In 2011, Wells Fargo Mortgage Rate stated as the largest retail mortgage lender in the United States. The bank amenities provided 1.8 trillion home mortgages which are said to be the second-largest servicing portfolio in the US. According to the report, the bank reached 30% market share for US mortgages. In 2013, the share was closer to 22% of which eight percentage points were aggregation. 

Wells Fargo Private Student Loans :

The bank offers student loans to students to pay for college expenses such as books, computers, housing, and tuition. Loans are even available for undergraduate, community colleges, career, graduate school, medical school, and law school. Wells Fargo Student Loan consolidation and student loan for parents. Simply create a Wells Fargo Account and apply for the loan.

Equipment Lending

The bank has various divisions that are into finance and lease equipment to different types of companies. One of the ventures is a wells Fargo rail and the other one is the first union rail. In late 2015, it was introduced that the bank would buy three GE units focused on business loan equipment financing.

Wealth and Investment Management

The bank offers investment products via its subsidiaries, Wells Fargo Investments Banking, LLC and Wells Fargo advisors as well as via national broker or dealer firms. The company offers high net worth individuals via private bank and family wealth group. The bank advisors located in St. Louis, Missouri is stated as the third-largest brokerage firm in the United states. The bank advisors are known as Wachovia securities and then it legally changed names following the Wells Fargo’s acquisition of Wachovia Corporation. In September 2018, the bank introduced to cut 26, 450 jobs by 2020 to reduce costs by US$4 billion. 

Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM)

It is the trade name for the mutual fund division of Wells Fargo & Co. Mutual funds are provided under the Wells Fargo Advantage Funds brand name.

Wells Fargo Securities (WFS)

It is the investment banking division of Wells Fargo & Company. The size of the group or the financial performance of this group is not disclosed publicly. The analysts believe the investment but analysts believe the investment banking group houses approximately 4,500 employees. It generates between US$3 and US$4 billion per year in investment banking revenue. By comparison, its competitors, Bank of America and J.P. Morgan Chase generated approximately US$5.5 billion and US$6 billion respectively in 2011. The fargo security serves in Charlotte, Boston, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, London, New York, Hong Kong, Houston, Singapore, North Carolina and Tokyo.

International Operations

The bank has banking services throughout the world with offices in Hongkong, London, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Toronto. It operates bank offices in India and the Philippines with more than 3000 staff. In 2010, hedge fund administrator purchased company operation of Wells Fargo in the Cayman Islands. 


The bank operates under charter 1, the first national bank charter in the united states. The charter was issued to first national bank of Philadelphia by the office of the comptroller of the currency.

The fundamental rights and policies of the bank is very clear is among the top banks and competitor of the bank of America. The bank has hardly been into controversies and thus an individual can rely on them and their services completely. Customers can even be updated with the bank policies and members on the Wells Fargo Twitter account. Look for Wells Fargo Online and take complete information on it before creating an account. An individual can even look for long term plans, loan procedure, and investment plans according to their requirements. 

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