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The 21st century is the internet world, so the concept of television is completely acquired by internet technology. That is the reason there are so many internet TV service providers blooming across the world claiming to deliver world-class solutions to end-users. Here we are going to brief about Xfinity, which is a popular company in the telecommunication industry claiming to deliver world-class internet TV services. By the way, Xfinity is a trading name of Comcast cable communications that markets cable television, telephone, internet, and wireless services. At first, the brand was introduced in the year 2010, where services were majorly marketed under Comcast's name. 

An introduction about A few Offerings of Xfinity Services

Comcast is one of the largest providers of cable internet access in the United States. On July 26, 2018, Comcast has around 26.5 million high-speed internet customers. Comcast charges users $13.00 per month for renting a cable modem along with the internet subscription prices. $20 is the internet installation charge, and those clients who prefer to install it by themselves the installation fees are waived off.

Xfinity Wifi

A network of wifi hotspots is operated by Comcast, especially for Xfinity internet subscribers. It is called Xfinity wifi consisting of a pure combination of hotspots installed in public locations as well as businesses. At the performance tier, users are facilitated with unlimited usage of hotspots by processing login to their Xfinity account. Home gateways of Xfinity run both private and public networks. With the purpose of conserving bandwidth, such hotspots are assigned to five users simultaneously. Users can avail wifi services through the website, and installing a third-party router.

Data Cap

At the initial level, Comcast Internet had a policy of terminating broadband customers who use excessive bandwidth. The excessive bandwidth was decided equally to the monthly usage of thirteen million emails, 250000 pictures, and 30,000 songs.

In the April month of year 2016, Comcast decided to raise the threshold of date to 1 TB. In October month of the same year, it announced that thresholds of bandwidth will be implemented in the majority of markets.

Today Slogan of Xfinity Deals in providing the most convenient source of Entertainment to end customers with Fast Internet and television services.

Xfinity Plan starts from $65 per month for 12 months without term agreement. It includes Wifi + live streaming tv. Here it is best to catch live sports and local news on the Xfinity streaming app.

Latest News On Xfinity

  • A special stream apps VR version launched by Comcast is helpful for visually impaired users. Introduction of wearable tech product, NuEyes helps persons with low vision get a better visual of movies and tv shows.
  • Xfinity moile added Google Pixel phones to the BYOD line-up. Now it supports complete google pixel phone family in its BYOD service.
  • The holistic approach of Xfinity community offers very fast, smart and always ready solutions to tens & thousands of multifamily communities.
  • If you are searching Comcast Near me, then this news if for you. Comcast unveils three new Xfinity stores in new locations.
  • Comcast ready to open Xfinity retail store on North Atherton Street.

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Most frequently Questions Raised by Users

Questions 1: Are there some special deals or some waive offs in Xfinity prices?

Answer: Comcast gives the best of its efforts with an aim to deliver excellent customer service experience to end customers. In a row among several efforts, Xfinity provides special deals that are brought forward keeping in mind price and facilities. Users get a top-notch experience in digital cable, access to high-speed internet, and excellent digital phone service along with a reasonable bundle package.

Question 2: Are Both Xfinity and Comcast the same?

Answer: Xfinity is an internet and Television service provider brand owned by Comcast. Comcast owns some other brands too.

Question 3:  What is the monthly cost of Xfinity?

Answer:  The internet package of Xfinity ranges from $24.99 to $299.95 per month( for a year) depending upon the user's need. Almost every package is available with a year contract.

Question 4: Is there any discount for seniors by Comcast?

Answer: There is no any provision of senior discounts in their monthly packages, however, it provides Internet essentials plan that serves seniors.

Question 5: How to get better offers from Xfinity?


There are a few ways which help you get better offers from xfinity:

  • Call Comcast to negotiate a better deal
  • Cancel your service
  • Listen to your offers
  • Ask to discuss their managers.

Getting Expert Guidance From Xfinity Customer Staff

Queries regarding billing, service outage, trouble in equipment, service cancellation, issue in streaming and downloading can be handled by contacting Comcast official support representatives. You have three different options to get support- Live chat, mail service, or phone support.

A few common issues raised by users:

  • How to check service outage with Comcast?
  • What should I do if the Xfinity Tv service is out?
  • How to access Comcast settings and bills online?
  • Where to upgrade phone or services of Comcast

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