Yahoo With Its Exciting Products and Services

Yahoo is stated as an internet portal that incorporates a search engine utilized by the users since the early 90s. It provides the best way to search a topic online with hundred percent accuracy. The result is very easily seen by linking them to popular search engine sites. Frankly speaking, today all users who use yahoo are still not aware of all the products that are being used since then. It is the best medium to engage online with our near and dear ones worldwide. The speed of sending mail is not more than a few seconds. The web portal was founded in January 1994 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, US. to create a Yahoo Account is not at all difficult for a new user.

Jerry Yang and David Filo are the founders of the yahoo web portal who in their initial graduation days invented this portal. During their graduation days, they began as the bookmark lists. As soon as they organized the bookmark lists according to the category on a college site, the list began to grow into an internet phenomenon. After this, it became the first directory with a large following. Both of them postponed their graduation and operated their web portal without any hindrance. The company then became a multi-million dollar corporation in a very few time. Today yahoo has expanded its service and products which are very beneficial for carrying everyday tasks. We’ll be discussing its some of the products and services in detail.

Detail Of Yahoo Products And Services

There was a time when Yahoo was just known as a web directory designed to help internet users to find the relevant sites. Now it has become one of the top search engines in the world. Users can even check their Yahoo Horoscope simply by visiting the site. It would be interesting to know that Yahoo Homepage is the fourth most visited site in the world today. You can do a lot more of the things while visiting the site other than just mailing services.

Yahoo Email Service

The trending feature of yahoo is its free email service that is used by millions of users in the world today. For personal and professional use, yahoo is always the best medium to exchange information to any part of the world. Yahoo also provides social media services and user-generated content for various products such as my web, yahoo personals, yahoo 360 degrees, delicious, yahoo buzz and many more.


Various yahoo partners provide content in products such as yahoo sports, yahoo music, yahoo finance, yahoo weather, yahoo news, yahoo games and a lot more. Yahoo offers a personalized service that enables users to combine their favorite Yahoo features, content feeds and information onto a single page. On March 31, 2008, Yahoo launched Shine, a site for women for online information and advice between the ages of 25 and 54.

Mobile Services

Yahoo mobile serves their users with services for email, instant messaging and mobile blogging. Users even get information services, searches and alerts. for the camera phones, entertainment and ringtone service is offered by yahoo. Yahoo also introduced its internet search system called one search for mobile phones on 20th March 2007. Mobile service resulted in news headlines, business listings, images from Flickr, local weather and links to other sites. For instance, if you are searching for a popular movie or its critical reviews, one search will show the reviews of the nearby theaters.


Yahoo is also into the business of shopping services which includes Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Autos, Yahoo Real Estate, and Yahoo Travel. It enables users to gather relevant information that interests them and make commercial transactions and online purchasing. You can even compare the prices here.

Yahoo BOSS

Yahoo Search BOSS is a service allowing developers to build search applications based on Yahoo's search technology. Hakia, Delver, Daylife and Yebol were some of the early partners in the program. In 2011, the program then switched to a paid model using a cost per query mode. The cost depends on the query whether it is web, image, news or any other information.

Yahoo SearchMonkey

This was a Yahoo service that allowed developers and site owners to use structured data. With the structured data, the service was to make Yahoo Search results more useful and visually appealing, which would drive more relevant traffic to their sites. In October 2010, The service was shut down along with other Yahoo services. Yahoo SearchMonkey was as one of the top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2008.

Yahoo Meme

It is defined as a microblogging site that was launched by the yahoo Latin America team in august 2009. The platform was conceived by Twitter and Tumblr and its beta version was launched to a Brazillian audience with later versions into Spanish, English, Chinese and Indonesia audiences. This concept is very easy where users have to create an account from the meme splash page and begin with an empty blog format. Enter a 100-character or less title and choose an avatar to personalize their blog. The user can do anything as the user can choose to upload and post text, images, videos and MP3 music files to their blog reel. Now the user can easily comment or allow a follower to comment individually in the comment section on submissions. Users could easily search for public accounts and follow fellow Meme users. It was a one-way follow system similar to twitter which meant the items from followed users will appear in their streams.

We have given a brief description of the Yahoo Account that seems relevant for the audience who are not aware of yahoo services and products they offer. Yahoo users are not aware of the information that we have provided here. Yahoo as the top trending and result-oriented web portal deliver quality services to its users.

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