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YouTube is one of the top-notch internet and web hosting company which is founded by the three former PayPal employees. The American video-sharing company is headquartered in San Bruno, California, united states.  Today, you tube is a brand and people love to stream music and watch videos that interest them. The service of youtube was since February 2005. Youtube Videos operate as Google subsidiaries. Users with all devices and having internet facility can download the app and watch their favorite shows or series which are trending. There are so many facilities for which users can take the benefit for their entertainment or their knowledge. There are so many users who regularly devote time to watching videos that are their favorites.

Users can easily upload, rate, share, view, add to playlist, report, comment on videos and can simply subscribe to other users. It provides user-generated videos and corporate media videos. There is so much content available which includes video clips, Music Mp4 videos, tv show clips, short and documentary films, Youtube Movie trailers, live streams, video blogging, short original videos, educational videos, and audio recordings. Youtube kids videos are also there for gaining knowledge on various subjects additionally, there are cartoon movies that kids love to watch.

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Let’s Discuss Youtube Features That Improved User Awareness

Well, according to the reports, four videos are viewed on a daily basis. Youtube is out with new features that people are loving. The features created a lot more youtube business for people. People even advertise their brand’s clothing, fashion accessories, and a lot more. People even gained overnight popularity because of this. There was a time when business only used run n the shops. It has shifted to online more and is accessible for all users not only to sell but also to purchase products online. There are teaching sites also which help users in gaining popularity. They have improved tools which are beneficial not only for users but for small business it provides a video platform market for their products or their brands. Let’s give a quick look to the additional features of youtube:

Enhanced Comments

There are various comments that create a distraction for the majority of the people. The feature is out where the new ranking system is created where the visibility of junk comments are lower. This resulted in lowering the visibility of junk comments. This also cleared most of the negative comments which are not good to see. Every user is expecting something useful but some disturbing elements put something worst on the internet which is not at all professionalism. So, this feature is beneficial for everyone and users will be away from such negativity.

Quicker, Useful Creator Studio App

As mobile is the preferred medium to consume video content there are assumptions that the company will be working on the creator studio app. There are analytical tools available to interact with viewers and optimize channel. Therefore, new notifications are there for taking the business. 

Subscriber Notifications

There are billions of viewers who watch the videos every day on a regular basis as there are many loyal followers. The video blogger can use the latest subscription notification characteristic so that their fans can see the latest video put by you on the youtube channel. This seems to be the safest platform. Fans receive notification through mobile and email at the time of a new video uploaded.

New Types of Cards

If you are a video blogger then you need to promote your content so that more and more viewers watch your video which is out there on the youtube channel. This will naturally increase your viewers and current viewers will be updated. New types of card is beneficial in promoting other content, raise funds and many more. The first card will help in linking the videos that you create to other channels which you can share them with whomsoever you want to. Thus the interlinking can increase your social presence.

360-Degree Videos

You can say, this to be the coolest youtube feature. Well, GoPro and drone-based video recording are said to be the 360-degree video recording. Theis recently added feature makes the viewer see all the features in a specified direction. Youtube also works on adding 3D.

More High-Grade Live Streams

Not only video content is there for live streaming but gaming, entertainment, and learning give it a complete cover. All video creators, app creators, and game creators can easily set up their live streaming. The company is also out with its youtube gaming app that will surely give gamers a chance to improve live stream technology.

Video Management

The main aspect of youtube is its videos and thus its main focus is to improve the functionality of the video. As requested by the users,  content mobility management has more new features.

These were some of the features that are trending on youtube. Users can directly install the app on their mobile devices as they want. In case, there are problems while watching videos or there is a problem while downloading videos then you first check your internet connection or go to your settings the issue that you are facing.

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