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Service Charge: Big news has come about the service charge...

Service Charge: Big news has come about the service charge in hotels and restaurants. If you were also being charged in the name of service charge in the hotel or restaurant, then now you have got relief from it. Let us tell you that the National Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has issued a big instruction, in which it has been told that hotels or restaurants by any name will not be able to charge service charge.

Can’t even add to food bill
The authority has issued instructions saying that it cannot be added to the food bill. If any hotel tries to add it to the food bill, then strict action will be taken against it.

guidelines issued
Let us tell you that amidst increasing complaints, CCPA has issued guidelines to prevent unfair trade activities and violation of consumer rights. It states that no hotel or restaurant can compel customers to pay service charges. Customer can pay service charges if he wants. This will be completely voluntary, optional and at the discretion of the consumer.

Will not be able to put pressure from now on
The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has imposed a ban on hotels, restaurants regarding the automatic service charge in the bill. Hotels, restaurants cannot force customers to pay service charges from today. This is a voluntary option. It is not necessary to take it.

What is service charge?
Let us tell you that whenever you buy any product or take any service, then you have to pay some charge for it. This charge is called service charge. This charge was taken for serving food or any other kind of service to customers in hotels or restaurants, but today CCPA has taken strict action against it.

How much will the service charge be recovered?
Let us tell you that it is mostly written at the bottom of the bill. It is usually 5 percent.

Extortion was done from customers
Let us tell you that at this time there is a service charge voluntary in hotels and restaurants, but it is forcibly collected from the customers. In this regard, the department was continuously receiving complaints earlier. Regarding this, a letter was also sent by the department to the organization related to the hotel industry on 24 May.

You can complain on this number
If a consumer finds that the hotel or restaurant is charging service charges in violation of the guidelines, he can request the concerned entity to remove it from the bill amount. Consumers can also register complaints if required by calling the National Consumer Helpline number 1915. They can also file a complaint regarding this in the Consumer Commission.

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