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Noida News: Till now you have hardly heard that you will have to pay fine for giving food to street dogs, but some societies in Noida have started this. In order to remove street dogs from the society, in some places, the rules have been implemented at the apartment owners association level. According to the rules, if caught for the first time while feeding food to street dogs, a fine of ₹ 500 will be imposed. If you are seen feeding for the second or third time, you will have to pay a fine of up to ₹ 3000. The rules have increased the difficulties of the people living around the society.

Complaint made in the authority of the circular of the societies

A total of 11 societies in Noida have issued circulars of different rules on feeding street dogs. Every society has its own rules. If any society has issued a circular to impose fine, then some other rule has been made somewhere. Volunteers associated with People for Animals have complained to the Noida Authority on the circular of the society. In the complaint letter, 11 societies have been accused of trying to implement the new rules in an arbitrary manner. A society has issued a notice saying that Rs 500 will be charged for the first time a street dog is seen feeding.

One thousand in the second time and in the third time the amount of fine will increase to two thousand rupees. Some societies have issued circulars forbidding the feeding of dogs inside the complex. People have been given the option to go out and give food. In some circular, it is being said to take fine on the basis of video. That is, a video of feeding the dogs will be made to collect the fine.

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You may have to pay a fine for feeding a street dog

On the circular issued by the societies, Indu Prakash Singh, OSD, Noida Authority said that the fine imposed for giving food to street dogs is not right under any rule. He told that the authority has received complaints against different rules made on giving food to street dogs. The matter is being investigated.

He said that Noida Authority does not have the rule to impose fine for giving food to street dogs. Therefore, very soon the society’s people will be made to meet the CEO of Noida Authority, Ritu Maheshwari. They will be asked how the rule has been made to impose fine for giving food to street dogs.

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