Noida Supertech Twin Tower Demolition, Police Issued Necessary Guidelines Regarding The Day Of Twin Tower Demolition | Noida Twin Tower Demolition: People of these six societies do not go on the roofs, action will be taken on videography, know

Supertech Twin Towers Demolition: Police has issued guidelines to the...

Supertech Twin Towers Demolition: Police has issued guidelines to the society around Noida Sector-93A Supertech Emerault Court Apartments. Police have been instructed through the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) that no one should gather on the roof of the society nor do any videography or photography on the day of the demolition of the towers. If anyone is found doing this, then legal action can be taken against him. Apart from this, people will not be allowed to stand in their balcony during this time.

There are total 6 societies around Twin Towers
Let us tell you that there are a total of 6 small and big societies around the Twin Towers, which include Silver City, Parasnath Prestige, Parasnath Srishti, Aldico Utopia, Aldico Olympia and STS Greens Society. Most societies are up to ten floors high, except the Aldeco Olympia Society, which has flats up to 30 floors high. Altogether around 3000 flats are built in this society.

doors and windows must be kept closed
AOA of Sector-93A Parasnath Society, Rajneesh Nandan told that the people of the society are being appealed not to even stand in their balcony on August 28. They have also been asked to keep windows and doors closed so that dust does not enter the house during the demolition of the towers.

The common area will be seized
Rajneesh Nandan said that guidelines have been issued in this regard on Wednesday. In view of the demolition, the work of seizing the common area of ​​the society will also be started. Apart from this, the lift room, AC room and motor room will also be sealed so that the dust does not enter inside. On August 28, there will also be a ban on the movement of people in the society. He said that the entry gate of the society would remain closed for 30 minutes during the demolition.

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