Nord Stream Pipeline Leak In Baltic Sea US Says Russia Blew Up Pipelines Vladimir Putin Accused America | Ruckus over Nord Stream gas leakage in Europe, all countries lashed out at Russia

Nord Stream Pipeline Leak: On one hand Russia has annexed...

Nord Stream Pipeline Leak: On one hand Russia has annexed 4 regions of Ukraine and on the other the issue of Nord Stream Pipeline leakage has reached the United Nations Security Council. Here too, the countries of America and Europe have held Russia responsible for the Nord Stream incident. When the issue of leakage in the Nord Stream pipeline was raised in the Security Council of the United Nations, the countries of Europe erupted on Russia. All countries allege that Russia has exploded in the Nord Stream.

US Deputy Representative to the United Nations Richard Mills said, “We are deeply concerned by the deliberate sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines.” Deliberate action to damage critical infrastructure will not be tolerated.

Russia accuses America

Russia has also retaliated on the allegations of Europe and America regarding the Nord Stream scandal. The allegations against Russia are from Europe and America, the same allegation is of Russia on these countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the West had conspired to explode Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea. They want to destroy our gas supply in Europe. Everyone knows who will benefit by doing this.

Joe Biden threatened?

Meanwhile, a statement given by US President Joe Biden before the war in Ukraine is going viral, in which Biden threatened to harm the Nord Stream. During a speech on 7 February 2022, Joe Biden said that if Russia entered Ukraine with its army and tanks, there would be no trace of the Nord Stream.

What is Nord Stream Leakage Case?

A case of sabotage has come to light in Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2, the gas pipelines laid from Russia to Europe. There are allegations of breaking this pipeline through explosion. Both Russia and America are being equally feared for this. Russia called a meeting of the United Nations Security Council in this matter. Earlier this week, Sweden’s Coast Guard said on Thursday (September 29) that it had detected a fourth leak in pipelines from Russia to Europe, after explosions were reported earlier this week.

What do experts say on the Nord Stream scandal?

Russia alleges that NATO also did war rehearsals close to the Nord Stream and during this time the leaking of the Nord Stream was also rehearsed. Experts also believe that leakage in the pipeline of Nord Stream is not a minor incident as these pipelines are built at a depth of 80 to 110 meters in the sea. These pipes have a concrete cover. A special team would have been needed to penetrate it. Or will it have been deliberately detonated with an explosive.

What is Nord Stream?

A pipeline has been laid between Russia and Germany in the Baltic Sea, which is named Nord Stream. This pipeline is called the heartbeat of Europe. This is the longest pipeline passing through the sea. This pipeline from Russia to Germany is about 1224 km long. Putin closed the pipeline to Belarus and Poland after sanctions from the US and NATO countries on Russia. Through this pipeline gas was sent to Germany and some other countries of Europe.

Every year 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas is sent from Russia to Europe via Nord Stream 1. This pipeline is owned by Nord Stream AG Company. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is also built on the same route as Nord Stream 1. Work on this pipeline started in the year 2018 and it was completed in the year 2021.

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