Now The Use Of Paper In Banks Will Be Completely Stopped You Will Get E-receipt Suggestion From RBI

Commercial Paper Ban RBI Guidelines : Initiatives are being taken...

Commercial Paper Ban RBI Guidelines : Initiatives are being taken in every sector to reduce the use of paper in India. Let us tell you that be it the Indian Railways or the Electricity Department, the Indian airline sector is paying attention to the least use of paper everywhere. In many cities, the electricity department has made the electricity bill paperless to use paper. At the same time, the railways is also busy in making its works paperless on a large scale. Paperless projects are being run on a large scale in the airline sector as well.

Paper will be missing from banks
Now the banking sector of India is being considered to be paperless. If this happens then you will not be able to use paper in the bank. Reserve Bank of India has suggested this. RBI has said that banks and other financial institutions should end the use of paper in their branches. If the RBI agrees to the Banking Regulator, then the use of paper in the branches of the bank will become completely electronic.

E-Receipt will be available from ATM
Along with eliminating paper completely, you can consider giving e-receipt at ATM. Now instead of giving a paper receipt, you will get an e-receipt. After the end of using all kinds of paper in the branches of the bank, you will have to do your work with the help of the bank’s software.

RBI sought opinion
The Reserve Bank said in a discussion paper on ‘Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance’ that it wants to formulate a strategy based on best practices to reduce the adverse effects of climate change. The central bank is taking advantage of the experience of global bodies and other international fora.

work environment friendly
The Reserve Bank is preparing comprehensive guidelines for regulated entities. A strategy will be prepared to effectively manage the risks of climate change. By making banking processes more eco-friendly, RE will consider converting its branches to green branches by eliminating the use of paper in its operations.

Comments sent by 30 September
RBI has invited comments on the discussion paper by 30 September. You can consider ways and means to promote RE e-receipts. It suggested that the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) may set up a working group on climate risk and capacity building in the area of ​​sustainable finance.

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