Now With This Condition You Can Do Two Jobs Simultaneously In Swiggy

Swiggy Job Apply Online : Swiggy, which provides the fastest...

Swiggy Job Apply Online : Swiggy, which provides the fastest online food order and delivery facility in the country, has brought great offers for its employees. Let us tell you that Swiggy used to give most of the offers to its service takers, but for the first time the company has offered a unique offer to its employees. The company believes that during the nationwide lockdown, many people developed new hobbies, many started such activities which became a source of extra income.

What is ‘Moonlighting’ Policy
Let us tell you that Swiggy company says that it is coming up with the first of its kind ‘Moonlighting’ policy in the industry. In this, employees can work on other work or other projects by taking approval at the internal level. These projects are included free of cost or to give economic benefits. Under this policy, the employees are allowed to do another job. They can do second job in addition to the working hours of their primary job subject to certain terms and conditions.

can work like this
Swiggy says that this policy includes tasks that can be done after office or during weekly holidays. This should not affect their work nor should there be a conflict of interest regarding Swiggy’s business.

work from home facility
Swiggy believes that such projects can contribute significantly to the professional and personal development of any individual. Swiggy had given the facility to work from anywhere permanently, eliminating the need for its employees to come to the office. This can be work like volunteering with an NGO, providing content on social media.

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