Pakistan Is Trying To Create Disturbances During Amarnath Yatra Sticky Bomb Has Became Biggest Challenge Of The Security Forces Ann

Jammu Kashmir News: During this year's Amarnath Yatra, Pakistan is...

Jammu Kashmir News: During this year’s Amarnath Yatra, Pakistan is trying to spread any major disturbance, for which the security forces have made elaborate security arrangements in the state. Sticky Bomb or Magnetic Bomb remains the biggest challenge for the security forces in this time’s Amarnath Yatra. Work is being done in Jammu and Kashmir on the strategy to deal with it. After nearly two years, this year the first batch of Amarnath Yatra will leave from Jammu on July 29 and from Kashmir on July 30.

Pakistan is making every effort to disturb this time’s Amarnath Yatra. If the Jammu and Kashmir Police is to be believed, then Pakistan can make every effort to damage this year’s Amarnath Yatra. To target this year’s Amarnath Yatra, Pakistan is sending not only weapons but also deadly sticky bombs or magnetic bombs from across the border through drones. Jammu Police and Security Agency have caught consignments of many such sticky bombs and magnetic bombs sent by drones for some time now.

Tight arrangements made for the security of Amarnath Yatra

According to Jammu ADG Mukesh Singh, all arrangements have been made for the security of Amarnath Yatra. Security forces have also been deployed to strengthen the security of the Yatra. Along with this, the Jammu Police has also issued instructions to every district SSP to take all possible steps to make the Amarnath Yatra a success. If the security forces are to be believed, then this year the biggest threat to the Amarnath Yatra is to damage the yatra from Pakistan, for which cooperation has also been sought from the general public. Along with this, the District SSP is also taking steps at his level to deal with the threat of sticky bombs and magnetic bombs.

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