Pakistan Woman Journalist Maira Hashmi Claims Why Did She Slap The Boy

Pakistan Woman Journalist: There is a lot of discussion about...

Pakistan Woman Journalist: There is a lot of discussion about Maira Hashmi, a female journalist who slapped a boy while reporting on the occasion of Bakrid in Pakistan. People were very curious to know why the woman journalist had slapped the boy. Meanwhile, Pakistani woman journalist Myra Hashmi herself has told why she slapped that boy. The video of the slapping went viral very fast.

Pakistani journalist Myra Hashmi has clarified that this boy was troubling a lot during the interview, due to which he was forced to raise his hand.

Why did the female journalist slap the boy?

A female reporter from Pakistan suddenly came into the limelight. While reporting on Eid-ul-Azha, Myra Hashmi slapped a boy on the camera itself. As soon as the video of this woman journalist came out, people started calling her Lady Chand Nawab. In the tweet, Myra wrote, ‘When I was interviewing the family, it was troubling them. First tried to explain properly but he did not understand. He ignored my words and kept harassing the interviewer’s family. His behavior did not change, so I decided not to tolerate it anymore.

How did people react?

Initially this video was put on social media by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat. More than 2 lakh people have seen this video. Many people have supported the tweet and clarification of Pakistani female journalist Myra Hashmi, while some people have condemned the journalist for this work.

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