Pakistani Coke Studio Singer Wahab Ali Bugti Left Homeless After Balochistan Flood

Balochistan Flood Update : floods in balochistanFlood in Balochistan Has...

Balochistan Flood Update : floods in balochistanFlood in Balochistan Has ruined everything. Here people are forced to leave their own homes. Many people have lost their lives, so many people are trying to reach a safe place to escape. Pakistani singer Wahab Ali Bugti, who became famous for the song ‘Kana Yaari’ on Coke Studio, is also included in these people. He has also lost his house in this flood.

The singer’s video is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. Many users shared this saying that Bugti is living in the worst condition as his house has been destroyed in the flood. In these pictures and videos going viral, he is seen with his family without a roof over his head. Seeing the condition of Pakistani singer, people are also extending their help to him.

Getting help from social media

Independent Urdu has also shared his video. In this, he is also singing a song, which fits perfectly in the situation of floods in Balochistan. The people of India have also expressed grief after watching this video of him singing in this “Teri rivers mein baha java, tere fields mein lehrawa”.

Actually, a Twitter user had shared some pictures of him, in which people came to know about his condition. However, after the response and help of social media users, the Balochistan government has done the work of providing help to his family.

flood situation in balochistan

This year’s monsoon has wreaked havoc across Pakistan. Its maximum impact has been seen in Balochistan. Balochistan has suffered a lot due to heavy rains and floods. Several villages have been submerged and around 225 people lost their lives. At the same time, more than 26,000 houses have been damaged. Still the situation here remains very bad.

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