PAN Card Follow These Step By Step Process To Block Pan Card Of A Dead Person

Pan Card Rule: The utility of PAN card and Aadhar...

Pan Card Rule: The utility of PAN card and Aadhar card has increased very fast in India. Nowadays, both these documents are needed to do any financial work. Many times our important work gets stuck due to non-availability of PAN card. In such a situation, it is very important to keep the PAN card, but it has often been seen that after the death of a person, people forget to keep their PAN card. Due to this many times people who commit fraud misuse this PAN card.

In the recent past, many such cases have come to the fore when loans have been taken from banks and financial companies through PAN cards of deceased people. In such a situation, what should people do to avoid such fraud incidents? This question must be arising in your mind also. Let us give you the answer of this question-

What does income tax rule say?
PAN card is issued by the Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Department has made some rules regarding the PAN card of any deceased person. According to these rules, if a person dies, then in such a situation his PAN card has to be deactivated or surrendered. We tell you about the process of deactivating or surrendering the PAN card of the deceased person.

How to surrender PAN card-
If you want to surrender the PAN card of any of your relatives, then first of all write an application to the assessment officer. Along with this, you will have to write the reason for surrendering the PAN card in this application. Along with this, all the information like name of the deceased, date of birth, death certificate, PAN number etc. will also have to be entered here. Then it will have to be submitted by attaching it with the death certificate. Along with this, a copy of the application will have to be kept for future need.

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