Panchayat Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia Says He Have No Relation With Guna Poacher ANN

Bhopal: In Guna district of Madhya Pradesh on May 13-14,...

Bhopal: In Guna district of Madhya Pradesh on May 13-14, some poachers killed 3 policemen. Since then there has been a stir in Madhya Pradesh. Cases have also been registered against poachers and the police have killed 3 accused in the encounter. After this, rhetoric has started in the politics of Madhya Pradesh. The pros and cons are blaming each other.

He gave these arguments in his explanation

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Panchayat Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia said in the press conference that it was proved by the allegation of Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh that poaching is going on for years. He said that Bunty had gone on his invitation to have food here. I do not know who were present there. He clarified that he has no relation with any of the accused in this case and neither do I know him. He said that it is true that Bunty alias Dhirendra Singh had good relations with the Radhogarh family. He had to go there. He also knew the people who came and worked with every person in that family.

Sisodia alleged that the family of hunters of Vidoria village, which was 3 km from the fort under the protection of the fort, had to visit the fort. The elders of the fort also used to go to the hunters’ villages for their programs. He also showed proof of that by showing some pictures in front of the media. In this, Jaivardhan Singh and Digvijay Singh are seen with the hunter family, their children. He also said that why the killer poachers are not being caught and why their encounter is being done, I will also get it investigated.

These allegations against Digvijay Singh’s family

Sisodia also alleged in the press conference that under the patronage of Digvijay Singh and Jaivardhan Singh in Radhogarh Fort, farming is also being done by capturing the land of lease holders, forest lands and making farm houses on them. He said that the criminal acts of the lease holders who are hunters and nuts are also given protection. He said that he would meet the Collector and the SP and ask them to free the forest land, leased land and other occupied land. He said that he would also get the matter investigated as to how illegal weapons had come in such abundance in the villages adjoining the fort, on the basis of which the accused killed the policemen.

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