Pandav Gang: So Far Many People Have Been Killed In The Mutual War Of The Pandava Army In Patna And Jehanabad Ann

Jehanabad, In Bihar's capital Patna, on Tuesday evening, former BJP...

Jehanabad, In Bihar’s capital Patna, on Tuesday evening, former BJP MLA Chittaranjan Sharma’s real brothers Shambhu Sharma and Gautam Sharma were riddled with bullets. Both have died in this incident. Within just 35 days, four relatives of the former MLA have been put to death. On April 26, Chittaranjan’s uncle Abhiram Sharma was killed in Jehanabad and nephew Dinesh Sharma in Masaudhi.

Here, two days ago, the body of Sanjay Sharma’s relative Sudhir Sharma was found on the railway track of Neema village and Sanjay Singh Group had accused Chittaranjan Sharma Group of murder, calling it a murder. So far nine people have lost their lives due to this gang war in Neema village. Today’s incident is being described as a revenge for Sudhir’s death. At the same time, there is a strong possibility of more dead bodies falling in the mutual gang war of the people associated with the Pandava army.

Till now four family members of former MLA have been murdered.

Jehanabad in Bihar and Masaudhi in Patna district were shaken by the double murder on Tuesday morning of 26 April. The city’s famous sweets businessman Abhiram Sharma and his nephew Dinesh Sharma were shot dead by criminals. Abhiram Sharma was shot by criminals at his residence in Jehanabad, while his nephew was gunned down near the Masaudhi Gandhi Maidan gate.

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Abhiram was shot on the pretext of giving a wedding card

The pictures of the killers of Abhiram Sharma in Jehanabad were captured in the CCTV camera. The most surprising thing is that in Jehanabad, the DM and SP’s residence is a few steps away from the place where the sweets and land trader was shot. The killers had carried out the incident in a very well-planned manner. Eyewitness woman member of the house told that two criminals came to the room on the pretext of giving marriage cards and started walking after shooting them in the head.

of Neema village 5 Friends had made Pandav army

In fact, around 1995, five friends Chittaranjan, Bablu, Sanjay Singh, Ashok and Vipin of Neema village of Dhanrua police station in Patna district together formed a Pandava army and after that they carried out the incident of murder. Many districts including Jehanabad, Patna were stunned by many heinous incidents including extortion, murder and kidnapping. About a dozen murders were carried out in Jehanabad. Later, the gang split and Chittaranjan and Sanjay parted ways.

Today two brothers were sieved

Chittaranjan stepped into politics and became MLA from Arwal in 2015. Sanjay also contested from Paliganj on LJP ticket, but did not succeed. A few days later, Bablu and Ashok Singh of the Pandava army were murdered in Garhwa. On 26 April 2020, Sanjay Singh was shot three times at Nadwa station, but he survived. Chittaranjan Sharma was accused of assault and in retaliation, on 26 April 2022, Chittaranjan’s uncle Abhiram and nephew Dinesh were killed and today two brothers were sieved.

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