Pappu Yadav JAP Reaction On Bahubali Anant Singh And Lalan Singh Told Them As AK-47 And AK-56 Ann

jigsaw, Within 12 days, 10 people have been murdered in...

jigsaw, Within 12 days, 10 people have been murdered in Arrah, Bihar. JDU leader’s brother and nephew were shot in Sheetal Tola locality of Nagar police station area on late Saturday evening, in which the nephew died. In such a situation, Jap supremo Pappu Yadav (Pappu Yadav) reached Ara on Monday regarding the deteriorating law and order situation in the district. It rained heavily here.

Pappu Yadav said that give tickets to Anant Singh and Lalan Singh, both the parties are 56 and the other is 47, then the society will be saved? Jap supremo said to kill the leader first. Don’t let it enter They all revolve around the culprit. Pappu Yadav had come to meet the bereaved family members after the murder of the ward councilor’s contractor’s son and the murder of the JDU leader’s nephew. During the meeting with the bereaved family members, Pappu Yadav inquired about the incident. Pappu Yadav consoled the family members.

your saw is enough, Pappu Yadav

Pappu Yadav targeted the government for increasing crime in Bihar including Bhojpur. On increasing crime in Arrah, said that your Arrah is left, that is enough. You people have cultivated acacia in Ara. Just a few days ago there was a kidnapping and murder in Arrah. Was there a chargesheet in that? Has the speedy trial been started? Ayo Ram Gayo Ram, after that three more murders.

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,take the law into your hands,

Pappu Yadav said that to save the society, the law has to be taken in hand. Had Pappu Yadav been there, the police rifle would have fired. Bullets are fired to kill a tiger, to save a man, bullets are fired to kill a mad elephant, then why are unbridled criminals not encountered?

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