Parliament Monsoon Session 2022 Uproar In The National Herald Case Ann

Parliament Monsoon Session 2022: The political storm raised by the...

Parliament Monsoon Session 2022: The political storm raised by the ongoing ED proceedings in the National Herald case is slowly increasing. Today its effect was also seen in the session of Parliament. Due to the uproar in both the houses, the business could be almost negligible.

On the issue of investigation and raids in National Herald, Congress is preparing to protest from road to Parliament. Today, in both the houses of Parliament, the Congress created a tremendous uproar on this issue. Before the proceedings began, a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party was held in which it was decided to raise the issue in both the houses.

Which MPs gave adjournment notice in Lok Sabha
Even before the Lok Sabha proceedings began, two Congress MPs, K Suresh and Jotimani, gave notice of adjournment motion. On the other hand, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi directly attacked PM Modi and his government on the pretext of National Herald. Rahul said that through this case an attempt is being made to put pressure on the Congress and intimidate, but he is not going to be afraid of anyone.

Opposition in the mood to attack
There is bound to be a ruckus on this issue on Friday as the Congress has announced a nationwide outcry on issues like misuse of ED and central agencies, inflation and Agneepath. At the same time, in view of the uproar in the Parliament, Bahujan Samaj Party President Mayawati accused the central government of influencing the proceedings of the House and for political selfishness by engaging the opposition in the Parliament in non-essential issues. He said that this would increase autocracy in the country.

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