PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja Says Sourav Ganguly Invited Me To IPL Finals Twice | Ramiz Raja: Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board said

Ramiz Raja on IPL Finals Invitations: Pakistan Cricket Board chairman...

Ramiz Raja on IPL Finals Invitations: Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ramiz Raja has said that he has been invited to watch the IPL final twice, but he had to turn down the invitation due to poor relations between India and Pakistan. Rameez Raja told that BCCI President Sourav Ganguly himself had given this invitation to him.

Rameez Raja says, ‘Sourav Ganguly invited me twice to watch the IPL finals last year and this year but then due to the circumstances and the consequences of accepting the invitation, I did not go there.’

Rameez Raja also emphasized on replaying bilateral or tri-series cricket series between India and Pakistan during this period. He said, ‘I have spoken to Sourav about this. I have told him that at present three former cricketers are running the cricket boards of their respective countries. If we too can’t bring about change, then who will?’

Rameez Raja also spoke on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing the window for the IPL by the ICC. He said, ‘So far no such decision or announcement has been made that the window for IPL is being extended. I will present my views on this issue in the ICC conference. My point is clear here. If any such change is happening in world cricket, then we will oppose it with all our strength and will put our point firmly before the ICC.

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