Penalty On Google In America Google Will Have To Pay 400 Million Dollars In Location Tracking Case In America Know Details

Google Fined in America: In the recent past, strict action...

Google Fined in America: In the recent past, strict action has been taken on the giant tech company in many countries and heavy fines have been imposed on it. Now the name of America has also been included in these countries. Taking action on the big tech company, 40 states of America have announced to impose a heavy fine (Penalty on Google). Giving information on this matter, the office of Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel said that 40 states have taken this action on Google in the Google Location Tracking Case. The company was accused of misleading customers through location tracking practice.

In such a situation, 40 states of America have asked for a huge penalty (Google Penalty) in fine as a settlement with the company. Under this agreement, now Google has decided to pay a total of 32 billion rupees i.e. about 400 million dollars to the states. The thing to note is that this is the biggest privacy agreement ever.

Earning the most from customer data
Giving further information, Attorney General Dana Nessel has told that most of the earnings of the tech company Google comes only through the personal details of the people. What kind of things people search in their browser and which apps are used, all this information remains with Google. In such a situation, through these data, people start seeing the content and apps of their choice on their screen. In such a situation, a big question arises on the data privacy of the people. It has been said in the Attorney General’s report that Google earns a lot from it. In such a situation, in the last few years, many American tech companies like Google, Amazon etc. have had to pay heavy fines in many countries due to user data security.

Why action was taken on Google in America
Let us tell you that after complaints received from several states of America, the Attorney General’s group started an investigation in the year 2018 on the allegation of stealing people’s personal data on Google. Many surprising things came out in this investigation. It was revealed from this investigation that even after the users did not select, the company continued to track the location of the people. It was also found in those cases where the user has kept the location option closed. At the same time, by tracking the location of customers from the year 2014, the company has worked to break the rules of privacy of customers.

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