People Beat Up The Young Man Who Blackmailed The Girl In Aligarh Uttar Pradesh Ann

Aligarh Blackmailing Case: Blackmailing a Hindu girl in Aligarh was...

Aligarh Blackmailing Case: Blackmailing a Hindu girl in Aligarh was overshadowed by a Muslim youth. On Tuesday, under planning, the youth was caught by the local people and thrashed him fiercely. After beating the young man was handed over to the police. The name of the young man is Shahrukh, who was blackmailing the girl for about 2 months. While registering a case against the young man, the police has sent him to jail.

Complaint to former mayor Shakuntala Bharti
A girl from the Dehli Gate police station area of ​​Aligarh and her mother had gone to the former Mayor Shakuntala Bharti and complained that a Muslim boy was blackmailing and exploiting her daughter for almost two months. Today he has threatened to take the girl away from the road. On information, former Mayor Shakuntala Bharti reached the place mentioned and as soon as the boy came, he was caught by the Hindu instruments and thrashed him fiercely. After the beating, the youth was handed over to the police station. The age of accused youth Shahrukh is about 25-26 years. Police have registered a case against the youth.

Former Mayor Shakuntala Bharti told this thing
Former mayor Shakuntala Bharti told that, “A girl and her mother came to me and cried that the boy is constantly blackmailing my daughter and threatening to kill her, save my daughter’s life. The boy had talked about taking the girl today at 1:00 pm, as well as said that, I will take you and take you wherever you want. I reached the spot and got on one side. When he made the girl sit, the girl screamed. After this, the public caught him and caught him and gave it to the police. This boy has come out of jail just a month ago, his father is also a criminal and he is also a criminal. They play with the girl’s life, implicate her and then play with her life. Action has started against him. This is love jihad, what else would you call it? It is wrong to implicate a daughter and play with life in this way.

filed suit
Regarding the matter, CO Shiv Kumar said that an information came in the police station Delhi Gate that a boy with a girl has been physically and mentally abused for 2 months. The boy has been caught and brought to the police station, an arrest has been made. Legal action is being taken by registering a case under the relevant section. It is too early to say anything about love jihad now, investigation is going on.

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