People Life Is Precious Now 2 Airbags Compulsory But Soon 6 Airbags Needed Said Nitin Gadkari | Nitin Gadkari: Nitin Gadkari said

Nitin Gadkari In Lok Sabha: Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari...

Nitin Gadkari In Lok Sabha: Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari told in the Lok Sabha on Thursday that the safety of the people is paramount, people’s lives are precious. In the matter of prevention of road accidents, Gadkari said that the safety of the passengers sitting in the front as well as the passengers sitting behind in the cars is primary. Union Transport Minister in Lok Sabha said, “As of now, 2 airbags are mandatory (in cars). There are no airbags for rear passengers. Our department is trying to have airbags for rear passengers also So that his life can be saved. He said that a proposal is being considered and the government will try to take a decision soon.”

The life of the people of India is also precious
Union Minister Gadkari had earlier also talked about making six airbags (6 airbags) mandatory in all private and private cars. More recently, he had also lambasted the vehicle manufacturing companies for adopting double standards. Gadkari had said that every human life has a price. But most of the car companies take care of the safety standards abroad but play with the lives of people in India.

Gadkari had said about the automobile companies that we have decided to make six airbags mandatory in cars, even in the economic model, six airbags will be installed. But some companies are making such cars in India, which are not up to international standards. But these same companies are making the same model in line with international standards for foreign markets. Such double standards will not work.

Six airbags are necessary, will save lives in an accident
Gadkari had said that some automakers are constantly opposing the rule to make 6 airbags mandatory in cars, which has been proposed only to save lives. Gadkari told Parliament in March that installing six airbags could have saved 13,000 lives in 2020. The minister said that when the automobile industry grows and the number of vehicles increases, it is also our responsibility to take care of the safety of the people. Gadkari had told that India has barely 1 percent of the vehicles used in the world, but the road accident deaths in the country are 10 percent more than the world.

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