Peru PM Anibal Torres Resigns As Investigations Target President Pedro Castillo

Peru PM Anibal Torres Resigns: Peru's Prime Minister Anibal Torres...

Peru PM Anibal Torres Resigns: Peru’s Prime Minister Anibal Torres has suddenly resigned. The political crisis in Peru has deepened due to the resignation of the PM. Peru is already facing an economic crisis. The government there is on the target of the public regarding this. According to reports, Peru’s Prime Minister Annibal Torres has resigned at a time when there is an extensive criminal investigation going on against President Pedro Castillo. It is being said that Anibal Torres has resigned due to the President being targeted under the guise of investigation. Pedro Castillo has been increasingly isolated after a year in office. Torres is a lawyer and is considered one of President Castillo’s loyal aides. In a letter shared on social media, Torres said on Wednesday that he was resigning for personal reasons.

Torres wrote in the letter addressed to Castillo, “I am stepping down after serving my motherland and its most neglected and forgotten people with you.” Returning to university classes with my students and what I missed the most is legal research.”

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So much investigation going on against the President of Peru

In a year since Castillo took office, he has seen unprecedented changes in senior government positions. He will now have to name his fifth prime minister since taking office last July, a move that often comes with other cabinet changes.

There are five criminal investigations going on against the President, in which two are being investigated to find out whether he is part of a criminal organization. According to Peruvian law, he can be investigated but not charged while he is in office. Castillo came to power last year with the Marxist-Leninist party, scaring investors, but has since taken a pragmatic liberal turn by placing the economic ministry in the hands of a technocrat. So far he has not commented on Torres’ resignation, nor has he said when the new prime minister will be named.

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