PIB Fact Check Of Viral Message Of Tata Motors Partnership With Government To Give Interest Free Loans To Government Employees

Viral Message of Car Interest Free Loan: Nowadays social media...

Viral Message of Car Interest Free Loan: Nowadays social media is a great tool of information, but many times this facility is misused many times. Nowadays a letter is very fast viral on social media in which it is being claimed that the State Bank of India, the public sector bank of the Government of India, has entered into an agreement with Tata Motors. It is being claimed in social media that after this agreement, now the government employee will get the facility of Interest Free Car Loan. If you have sent this message, then know the truth of this viral message-

this message going viral
Let us tell you that PIB has done a fact check of the fast viral messages on social media. It has been told in this message that the Government of India has tied up with Tata Motors to provide interest free car loan facility to government employees. For this the help of State Bank of India has been taken. After the agreement of SBI and Tata Motors, now any employee can easily get interest free car loan from State Bank for buying a Tata Motors car.

what is the truth of viral message
To find out the truth of this viral message, PIB has fact-checked this message. Giving information about this, PIB Fact Check has tweeted and informed that this letter is completely fake. The Government of India has not issued any such letter and no such agreement has been signed between SBI and Tata Motors.

Fact check every viral message
Let us tell you that if you get any such misleading message, then do not believe it at all. Do not forward this type of message without thinking and fact check it (PIB Fact of Viral Message). Do not share your personal and bank details with anyone without even thinking about it.

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