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Pilibhit News: In Pilibhit, UP, a young man named Shahenshah,...

Pilibhit News: In Pilibhit, UP, a young man named Shahenshah, who came out for a walk after having dinner in the evening, was misunderstood by the villagers as a thief and tied him to an electric pole and thrashed him fiercely. The video of the youth being held hostage and beating is becoming increasingly viral on social media. On the basis of the complaint of the injured, the police registered a case against 20 unidentified people including five named and started searching for the absconding accused.

What is the whole matter?
This incident is from Dharmamangadpur village of Madhotanda, where last night, the people of the village caught this young man named Shahenshah as a thief and then tied him to an electric pole and beat him fiercely, after which the people of the village informed the police and the suspicious youth was handed over to the police. Meanwhile, the video of this beating went viral, as soon as the video went viral, the police station Madhautanda, after investigating the viral video, took action against the villagers who beat up the youth in the video by registering a case against 20 unidentified persons including 5 named. Is. At the same time, the injured victim has been admitted to the hospital.

Police registered a case
In fact, for the past several days, in Puranpur and Madhautanda police station areas, the villagers wake up in the night and guard the thieves. In the coming days, videos of beatings about the theft incident in one village after another are also going viral. Regarding which CO Puranpur has made an appeal to the public not to beat up the suspect, while making the public aware, saying that such a suspicious person should be informed directly to the police. CO Puranpur Virendra Vikram Singh said that a young man named Shahenshah has been beaten up by the villagers considering him as a thief. In this case, a case has been registered against 20 unknowns by registering 5 names.

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