PLA War Drill Japan PM Says Chinese Missiles Serious Problem That Impacts Our National Security | PLA War Drill: Japan’s Prime Minister Speaks

Japan PM on Chinese Missiles: Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida...

Japan PM on Chinese Missiles: Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has condemned China for firing ballistic missiles during the PLA War Drill. China is conducting maneuvers in the sea and sky around Taiwan. Tokyo believes that five missiles have fallen in its economic zone. On this, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida said, this is a serious problem that affects our national security and the security of our people.

Japan’s Defense Ministry also shared a picture of the missile attack. Reports say that on Thursday, the Chinese military fired several missiles off the coast of Fujian province, five of which fell in Japanese territory. The number of missiles fired by the Chinese army is being told from 9 to 11. It has also been said from Japan that it is monitoring the Chinese actions.

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That’s why China is angry with Japan

Let us tell you that Japan is part of the G-7 group. The G-7 has condemned China’s aggressive war drill around Taiwan. Outraged by the condemnation, China has canceled the bilateral talks between itself and the Japanese foreign ministers. At the same time, despite the Chinese teasing American House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Japan hosted Pelosi. Pelosi held a press conference from Tokyo today after meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida and showed strong stances against China. Pelosi even said that China should isolate Taiwan, America will not allow it. At the same time, China has not personally commented on Japan, but it has definitely cursed the G-7 group.

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