PM Modi Gets Supreme Clean Chit In 2002 Gujarat Riots Know Everything About It Ann

Gujarat Riots Case: The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed Zakia...

Gujarat Riots Case: The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed Zakia Jafri’s petition in the 2002 Gujarat riots case. Zakia had challenged the closure report of the SIT which freed the then CM Narendra Modi from the charge of conspiracy to riot. Along with this, Modi has also got a clean chit from the Supreme Court. We are giving you information about the developments in this case since 2002:-

In February 2002, the Gulbarga Society of Ahmedabad was also attacked during the Gujarat riots. In this, 69 people including former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri were killed. In this case, a total of 24 people including 11 people have been sentenced to life imprisonment. But Ehsan Jafri’s wife Zakia continued to fight a legal battle by holding the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi responsible for the incident. In this, social worker Teesta Setalvad supported him.

In 2006, Zakia applied for registration of an FIR against PM Modi. In 2007, the Gujarat High Court sent it to a magistrate. On the other hand, in 2008, the Supreme Court formed the SIT under the leadership of former CBI Director RK Raghavan to investigate the cases related to the riots. One of the petitions that the court had given this order while hearing was the petition of Teesta Setalvad’s NGO. The Supreme Court continuously monitored the SIT investigation.

Allegations against CM Narendra Modi

The SIT also investigated the allegation against CM Narendra Modi for his involvement in the conspiracy of the riots. In March 2010, he was called to his office and questioned for 9 hours continuously. The SIT told the Supreme Court in May 2010 that there were no facts in support of the allegation. Zakia again approached the Supreme Court. The court again asked the SIT to verify the facts and submit the report to the magistrate. The SIT filed a closure report before the magistrate in 2012. In this, the SIT told that the CM immediately took all the necessary steps as soon as the riot broke out. Also took the help of the army. But some state officials and organizations tried to target him for a long time by spreading misleading information.

When was the petition filed

In 2013, Zakia filed a protest petition against the SIT report. The magistrate considered it. In December 2013, the magistrate dismissed the petition saying that no case appeared to be made out against the accused i.e. CM Modi. In 2014, the Supreme Court refused to hear the petition challenging the SIT clean chit. Zakia challenged the magistrate’s order in the High Court. In October 2017, the High Court upheld the SIT report and the magistrate’s order.

In 2018, Zakia filed a petition in the Supreme Court. It took 216 days to reach the Supreme Court against the order of the High Court. The Supreme Court questioned this. But the petition was accepted for hearing. Zakia’s appeal, which reached the Supreme Court in 2018, could not be heard for 3 years. The reason for this on most of the occasions was a request from the petitioner himself to postpone the hearing. Last year, the court, expressing strictness on this, refused to postpone the hearing further. Finally, after a detailed hearing, the court reserved the order on the matter on 9 December 2021.

SIT accused of ignoring evidence

During the hearing of the case, senior advocate Kapil Sibal argued on behalf of Zakia. He had accused the SIT of ignoring the evidence. On the other hand, Mukul Rohatgi had argued for the SIT. Opposing the petition, Rohatgi said that the petitioners are trying to keep dragging it due to the involvement of PM Modi’s name in the case. Rohatgi had questioned the intention of the petitioner, saying, “If they do not even believe in the Supreme Court-monitored investigation, do they now want to demand calling of the investigation team of Scotland Yard (British Police Headquarters)?”

Supreme Court praised the work of SIT

The decision on the matter was given by a bench of Justices AM Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari and CT Ravikumar on Friday. The Bench said that the appeal order is not maintainable. With this remark, the court dismissed Zakia’s appeal. The court has held that the order of the magistrate in the case was correct. After looking at all the aspects, he gave the order following the due process of law.

The Supreme Court has praised the functioning of the SIT. It has also been said that the matter was deliberately prolonged. Some people misused the judicial process and tried to keep the matter in discussion. The court quoted the SIT report as saying that people like Haren Pandya, RB Sreekumar and Sanjeev Bhatt fabricated false stories of conspiracy in the presence of the CM. The meeting in which he claimed to be present, that claim was false.

The court has written in the judgment that those interested in keeping the matter heated raised questions on the integrity of every person who was coming in the way of their cause. Appropriate legal action should be taken against those who fulfill their objectives by misusing the judicial process.

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