PM Modi In Indonesia Modi Told Many Similarities Between Indonesia And India

PM Modi in Indonesia: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached...

PM Modi in Indonesia: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Bali, the capital of Indonesia, to participate in the G-20 summit. The PM addressed the Indians living here today (on Tuesday). While addressing the overseas Indians, PM Modi mentioned the strong relations between Indonesia and India. The PM said that if there are Himalayas in India, then there is Mount Agung in Bali. If there is Ganga in India, then there is Tirth Ganga in Bali. We also start every auspicious work in India. Here also Shri Ganesh is sitting in every house.

  1. Referring to the strong ties between Indonesia and India, the PM said that in Indonesia you worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama. In India, we have cherished the tradition of Ramayana of Indonesia by laying the foundation stone of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.
  2. PM Modi said that in the year 2018, when there was such a big earthquake in Indonesia, he immediately started Operation Samudra Maitri. The PM said that today when the whole world is getting attracted towards eco-friendly and holistic health care, India’s Yoga and Ayurveda is a gift to the entire humanity.
  3. The PM said that the huge waves of the ocean have kept the relations between India and Indonesia full of enthusiasm and alive. It keeps on moving like a wave, our relation also remains alive. Bali Jatra Festival is being celebrated with great grandeur in Odisha, India. This means that the body of the people who have gathered today in Odisha is there, but their mind is in Bali.
  4. During this, PM Modi also mentioned the Padma awardees of Indonesia. The Prime Minister said that I remember that Bappa Numan Nuarta of Indonesia was honored by India with Padma Shri. At that time the Rashtrapati Bhavan of India was echoing with thunderous applause. There would be no Indian who does not admire his work of art Garuda-Vishnu Kenkana. When Indonesia’s Vayandivya and Agas Indra Udayan ji got Padma Samman, I got a chance to know a lot about them.
  5. Informing the NRIs about the changes in India, Prime Minister Modi said that there is a huge difference in Speed ​​and Scale in India before 2014 and after 2014. Today India is working at an unprecedented speed, working on an unprecedented scale. The PM said that India’s talent, India’s technology, India’s innovation and India’s industry have made their mark in the world today.
  6. The PM said that in the field of defence, India was dependent on imports for decades. But now it is expanding and increasing its capabilities. Be it BrahMos missile or Tejas fighter, our increasing defense capability is now mesmerizing the world.
  7. The PM said that many Sindhi families of India live here. People associated with film and TV are here. Many people associated with Gujarat are here. Engineers, chartered accountants from India have become fellow travelers of Indonesia’s development. Many Tamil speaking artists are contributing to further enrich the culture and arts here.
  8. Modi said that there was a time when the philosophy of India and the culture of India reached the land of Indonesia through kingdoms like Kalinga and Medang. Today is the time when India and Indonesia are working shoulder to shoulder with each other for development in the 21st century. The land of Indonesia lovingly accepted the people who came from India, included them in its society. That’s why today all of you are contributing in the development of Indonesia.
  9. The PM said that India adopted self-reliance in every aspect during the COVID times. From medicines to vaccines, we manufactured and crossed the national boundaries to benefit the whole world. India’s strength has worked as a protective shield for many countries. In the field of renewable energy, India gave the mantra of One Sun One World One Grid. India started One Earth program to strengthen global healthcare. India has given the solution of Mission LiFE to deal with climate change.
  10. Today in the 21st century, the world has expectations and hopes from India. India also sees them as its responsibility. Now India is setting grand goals. India is now working dedicatedly to achieve those goals. The PM said that this only mantra of accomplishment from resolution serves as an inspiration for the India of the 21st century.

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