PM Modi Inaugrated Vanijya Bhawan And Launch Niryat Portal Said In Previous Governments Only Announcements Were Made

PM Modi Vanijya Bhawan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated...

PM Modi Vanijya Bhawan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the new premises of the Ministry of Industry, Vanijya Bhawan. PM Modi also gave his address on this occasion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the government’s projects are completed on time, only then the taxpayer of the country is respected. PM Modi today also launched a one-stop portal exports (Niryat Portal) for the needs of foreign trade.

On this occasion, PM Modi said in his address, “When government projects are completed on time, schemes reach the target, they are nothing but giving respect to the taxpayers of the country. He said PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan. Under this, we now have a modern platform. Keeping in mind the aspirations of New India, this building will have to emphasize on all aspects of development.” He further said that only the benefits of government schemes reach all sections of the people without any discrimination can only ensure development of all or welfare for all.

Targeting the previous governments

Targeting the earlier governments, PM Modi said that in the earlier governments, projects were first announced for political interest, but there was no guarantee of their completion. Not only this, the previous governments were not serious about completing the projects. Timely completion of the business building is an example of how we have changed the mindset.

PM Modi enumerated the features of GeM portal

Talking about the GeM portal, PM Modi said that, it is an acronym for One-Stop Government E-Market Place. In which 45 lakh small businesses are currently registered. He said that the value of orders in the platform has increased from 9,000 crores to over 2.25 lakh crores now.

Counted Benefits of Ease of Doing Business

Counting the benefits of Ease of Doing Business in the country, PM Modi said that till four years ago, there were less than 500 registered fintech start-ups in the country, which have now increased to more than 2,300. During the last four year period, the recognized start-ups have grown from 8,000 to over 15,000 units per year. In order to promote ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in the country, the government has removed more than 32,000 non-essential compliances.

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