PM Modi Inaugurates Several Projects Of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission | PM Modi inaugurated the projects of ‘Shrimad Rajchandra Mission’, said

PM Modi News: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated and...

PM Modi News: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of various projects worth more than 300 crores of ‘Shrimad Rajchandra Mission’ located in Dharampur village of Valsad district of Gujarat. PM Modi virtually attended this program. He inaugurated Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital in Dharampur built at a cost of Rs 200 crore through video link.

PM Modi also addressed the people present during the program. Prime Minister Modi said in his address that I am always very happy that Shrimad Rajchandra Mission under the leadership of Pujya Gurudev is doing commendable work in the field of rural health in Gujarat.

The great contribution of Shrimad Rajchandra in the history of the country

Remembering Saint Shrimad Rajchandra, PM Modi said that in the nectar festival of freedom, the country is remembering its children, who made efforts to bring India out of slavery. Shrimad Rajchandra ji was such a saint whose great contribution is in the history of this country. The Prime Minister further said, “Shrimad Rajchandra ji was very much insistent on the empowerment of daughters through education and skills. He spoke seriously on women’s empowerment at a very young age.”

The government is trying to remove every obstacle of women.

Addressing the people present in the program, Prime Minister Modi told the importance of women power of the country. He said that it is the responsibility of all of us to bring the women power of the country to the fore in the form of nation power in the nectar of independence. Today, the central government is trying to remove every obstacle that is coming before the sisters and daughters, which prevents them from moving forward.

India’s concern for every living being

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised India’s health policy and said that the health policy of India India is following today, in which there is concern about the health of every living being around us. PM Modi said that India is running a nationwide vaccination campaign for animals as well as vaccines that protect mankind.

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