PM Modi Will Show India Vision To The World Today From The G20 Summit Meeting 10 Big Leaders Will Address Indian Community | PM Modi will show India’s vision to the world today from the platform of G20… Program of meeting 10 big leaders

PM Modi G-20 Summit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached...

PM Modi G-20 Summit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Bali city of Indonesia on Monday (November 14) to attend the G-20 Summit. Presidents of many other countries including India, America, China are participating in the G-20 summit. PM Modi will participate in 20 programs during this period.

Apart from participating in the G-20 summit, Prime Minister Modi will also hold bilateral meetings with the heads of the 10 participating countries. In this many important issues will be discussed in detail. PM Modi will stay in Bali for about 45 hours. On the sidelines of the G-20 conference, PM Modi will also address Indian expatriates in Indonesia.

Will meet many leaders

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra told that the summit will be held in three sessions and PM Modi will participate in these three sessions along with other world leaders. The Prime Minister will also meet top world leaders during the G-20 summit. It includes PM Rishi Sunak of Britain, President of France Emanuel Macra besides Chancellor of Germany, President of Indonesia. Meanwhile, there is also discussion about the talks between PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The US State Department told that President Joe Biden and PM Modi will meet each other.

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PM Modi and British PM Rishi Sunak will meet

There may be a meeting with PM Modi and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during the G-20 summit. This will be his first meeting with PM Modi after Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister. This meeting between PM Modi and Rishi Sunak will be important. It is believed that during this time there can be a discussion between the two regarding the Ukraine-Russia war.

PM Modi will address the Indian community

Before leaving for Indonesia to attend the G-20 summit, PM Modi said that he is looking forward to addressing the Indian community in Bali at a reception on 15 November. Addressing Indian expatriates in Indonesia, PM Modi will present India’s perspective on global issues, global development, food and energy security, environment, health topics.

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