Pragraj Violence Accused Javed Pump Wife Plea Hearing In Allahabad High Court

Allahabad High Court: His wife Parveen Fatima filed a petition...

Allahabad High Court: His wife Parveen Fatima filed a petition in the Allahabad High Court against the operation of a bulldozer at the house of Javed Pump, the mastermind of the violence that took place on June 10 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. had. Hearing on this petition is to be held in Allahabad High Court tomorrow. This hearing will be held in the Division Bench of Justice Sunita Agrawal and Justice Vikram Chauhan. The hearing is expected to take place around 11 am. Parveen Fatima has accused the government staff of demolition of the house by running a bulldozer in a wrong and arbitrary manner.

Parveen Fatima has said in the petition that the house was in her name while the notice was issued in the name of her husband Javed Pump. Along with this, the petition has demanded that the house be rebuilt, action should be taken against the responsible officers, proper compensation and government accommodation till the house is built. In the petition, a complaint has also been made about keeping himself and his daughter in police custody illegally for two days. This petition has been filed on behalf of Javed’s wife Parveen Fatima and daughter Sumaiya.

Javed’s wife claims house in her name

Javed’s wife has claimed in her petition that the house which was demolished by Prayagraj Development Authority in Kareli was in her name and was given by her father as a gift. The papers of the house are in the name of Javed’s wife. Along with this, the notice that was pasted was done in the name of Javed. Javed’s wife has said that it is not proper to take action on someone’s house without hearing the matter. Therefore, taking action against the guilty officers, the loss should be compensated from them.

what is the matter

On June 10, after Friday prayers in Atala area of ​​Prayagraj, there was arson and stone pelting after former BJP leader Nupur Sharma made a controversial statement on Prophet Muhammad. Javed Pump, a resident of Kareli was accused of this. Along with this, he was also called the mastermind of the violence. According to the statement of the police, many objectionable messages were received from his mobile and many objectionable items were also recovered from the house. After this, Prayagraj Development Authority took action and threw a bulldozer at his house.

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